Hold your local Planned Parenthood accountable!

Join with Survivors and our friends from several organizations on Tuesday, July 28th for a protest rally at Planned Parenthood to hold them accountable!

Following the release of the undercover video that went viral , showing horrific revelations regarding Planned Parenthood and the sale of baby body parts, a desire within many has been stirred to do something.  Already, several states have called for investigations, and some have even defunded Planned Parenthood from taxpayer dollars, but still Planned Parenthood receives more than half a billion federal tax dollars every year.

The question is what can be done. We have an answer.

We need to bring the power of the grassroots to Planned Parenthood. We need to stand up and show that we are sick of being forced to donate to Planned Parenthood through our tax dollars. If there is a chance that the abortion giant will be defunded from our tax dollars or that there be a proper governmental investigation into the activities of this organization, prayer and witness will need to be increased.

The Survivors are joining others in a nationwide protest of Planned Parenthood.  We will be exposing the Riverside PP and calling them out for this great evil.  These protests are happening in dozens of cities across the country, all at the same time. And we need YOU to join us.

Our protest will be from 9:00 - 10:00AM, Tuesday, July 28th at Planned Parenthood, 3772 Tibbetts St, Riverside, CA.

This protest will be in conjunction with Pro-Life Future, Riverside 40 Days for Life, and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.  Commit in your heart today to continue with us in this fight to expose Planned Parenthood.

 We know from David Daleiden that this is just the beginning.  He has many more videos he plans to release that only get worse for Planned Parenthood.  He sacrificed more than two years of his life to get these videos.  Please prepare yourself to rally to the cause as we take Planned Parenthood to task and demand the nearly half a billion of our tax dollars be stripped away.  Planned Parenthood is evil and for once the nation is seeing just how evil they are.

 Join us For Life,

Cheryl Conrad
Survivors Director of Operations