11,038 people participated in Tuesday night's massive "Stop Baby Parts Trafficking" webcast hosted by 40 Days for Life and sponsored by a wide variety of pro-life groups, including Survivors. David Daleiden, President of the Center for Medical Progress did a phenomenal job relaying the current status of the effects of the videos and how the abortion industry has made him the #1 target.

Below are urgent action items from the call:

1. Pray

We ask that you remember David Daleiden in your prayers every day as it takes great courage and perseverance to do what David has done through these videos. Pray for his legal team at Life Legal Defense for their continued legal battles against Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Pray for the church to wake up and utilize these videos to stir up a sense of urgency amongst their congregation, to protest and fight until Planned Parenthood is not only defunded, but abortion is eliminated for good. At such a critical time in the Pro-life movement, one like never before, we ask that you keep all of us in your prayers and that God will grant us wisdom and faithfulness and we push forward in our united goal of abolishing abortion!

2. Promote

Recent polls show that 70% of Americans are still unaware of Planned Parenthood's brutal practice of harvesting and trafficking in aborted baby body parts. Watch the latest videos HERE and get the word out by encouraging everyone you know to watch them. When sharing on social media, be sure to include the hashtags #PPSellsBabyParts and #SurvivorsResistance. Survivors has launched The Resistance in response to the CMP videos, to not only protest Planned Parenthood, but become an enemy to them.  Join The Resistance and become an enemy of Planned Parenthood and a rescuer of the babies!

3. Pitch-in

Thomas More Society, the public interest law firm spearheading David Daleiden's legal defense against abortion industry attacks, has set up the David Daleiden Legal Defense Fund. A small group of donors put forward a matching challenge of $110,000 so that any gift given in response to the webcast will be instantly DOUBLED, dollar-for-dollar, up to $110,000. Contribute to the legal defense fund HERE.

Survivors will be donating signs and literature to local Resistance groups who are committed to protesting Planned Parenthood. We are also in the process of forming a quick response team who will travel to churches, schools, and Resistance groups to recruit and equip them in their activism. We ask that you would consider making a donation to Survivors to help offset the cost!

4. Participate

There are many ways to get involved in the fight, here are just a few of them:

40 Days for Life

The next internationally coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign will beSeptember 23 - November 1. This is an excellent event to invite your Pastor and church to get involved in at your local abortion clinic while praying, fasting, and sidewalk counseling! Over 10,331 lives have been saved by this campaign,  sign up here or start a 40 Days for Life campaign in your city today!

Protest PP

October 10th will be the second ProtestPP day where thousands of people will protest at their local Planned Parenthood. The last event had over With 78,590 in attendance, making this the single largest protest day in the history of the pro-life movement. Visit ProtestPP.com for more information on how to sign up or join a location near you!

The Resistance

These videos prove that Planned Parenthood is proud of selling baby parts, and that they will even alter their abortion methods to preserve different parts of a baby's body, to make the most amount of money per baby. This is the kind of evil we are up against.

There are over 112 Planned Parenthood clinics in California, and we would like to see each one covered with faithful protesters like you. That is why the Survivors have launched a new project called The Resistance. We are encouraging individuals to start or join a Resistance group in their area to protest Planned Parenthood on a weekly basis. We must keep the momentum from these videos going by protesting Planned Parenthood and educating our family, friends, and co-workers on their barbaric practices of selling chopped up baby parts! Join the Resistance today!