Don't Walk and Don't March for Roe V. Wade!!!!

Don't Walk and Don't March for Roe V. Wade!!!!! 

This year The Survivors are asking young people not to March in Washington DC.  We are asking young people not to Walk in San Francisco.  And we are asking young people to forgo the rallies and forgo the walk at One Life LA!!!


Because that is not our job.

Have you ever been to a County fair?

You don't see soldiers walking around celebrating America's greatness or the hometown charm.

The Army is there, the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard and the Air Force are all there!

Doing what?  Recruiting!  They would all love to be riding the rides and eating corn dogs but that is not their job.  Their job is to bring young people into full-time service to their country.

And likewise the Survivors are going to the March in DC and the Walk for Life in San Francisco and the One Life LA walk and rally too!

But we are going to recruit young people to full-time prolife work.  

We need your help!!!

There are lots of people who will be marching and walking and we want to recruit a full time team to confront and battle Planned Parenthood throughout this coming year.

Will you do duty as a recruiter with us?  Will you join Survivors in DC, SF, and LA?

We have printed thousands of Survivors Logo Rounds including the new Latino Day of the Dead Round.  We will be handing out thousands of these rounds with a recruiting postcard affixed on the back.


Will you join us in giving out these rounds to young people as they arrive?  Will you march like a fish swimming upstream with our special recruitment posters urging young people to do more than march once a year?

Here are the cities and contact person for each location.  Please respond and let us know where you can join us.  

Saturday January 23rd
What: One Life LA
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Contact: Cheryl Conrad

Saturday January 23rd
What: Walk for Life West Coast
Time: 12:30 - 1:30
Contact: James Conrad

Friday January 22nd
What: March for Life, Washington, D.C.
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Contact: Lauren Handy

Also, if you would contribute to help make this recruitment campaign possible we would greatly appreciate a donation to buy the signs, transportation and postcards and recruitment posters.

Thank you for helping to recruit full-time warriors in the fight against Planned Parenthood!

So don't walk, don't march - Run towards the cries of injustice and join the Survivors in the largest recruiting effort of the year.

See you there!