Front Line Updates from Survivors Safe Space Invaders!


Campus 1 (Moorpark College)

I was honored by the presence of pastor and pro-life apologist Jon Noyes of Living Oaks Community Church, Newbury Park, California for our first Safe Space Invasion.  A severe stomach flu was sent by the devil to disable the rest of the team, so it was just Pastor Noyes and I out in the ‘designated free speech area’ of Moorpark College (for those unfamiliar, yes, you break the law and can even be arrested for politically incorrect speech/displays if outside of these marked zones).  Read more about the premise behind Safe Space Invaders.

I didn’t pick the optimal day to hit Moorpark College, as Fridays are really light on the student schedule, but we did get to engage a few stragglers and violate more than a couple sets of liberal snowflake eyeballs with the graphic visual evidence of the victims of the abortion genocide in America on our large display boards.  As I interviewed Pastor Noyes for our Facebook audience (using the Facebook Live feature), out of the corner of my eye I caught a professor walking briskly in our direction with an angry look on her face, looked like she was going to give us a piece of her mind and I was really hoping she would interrupt our interview and give us a chance to contend live on the internet.  However, when she realized we were filming she stopped aburptly, almost taking a spill, and sauntered off in the other direction.  When we were packing up for the day, she came back out and expressed disgust at the “gruesome” images but completely refused to dialogue as to why the images bothered her, exchange at all on the life issue (or any other topic, for that matter).

As for my interview with Pastor Noyes at Moorpark College, definitely go on our Facebook page and check that out. We deal with the issue of culpability of the pulpits of America in relationship to the abortion genocide, the “hard issue” of rape pressed by pro-abortion proponents to normalize abortion, and several other important concepts in pro-life apologetics.  Being out there with Pastor Noyes caused me to imagine what the abortion situation in our nation would look like if even ten percent of America’s pulpits were manned by shepherds like him.  Much appreciation to Pastor Noyes and Living Oaks Community Church for standing with him.  Check him out here.



Campus 2 (Cal State University Long Beach)

My special guest for the Safe Space Invasion of California State University Long Beach was Jose Espinoza, the chapter president of Students for Life at CSLB (they haven’t been recognized by the school yet, so please put your prayers in that direction).  Jose has a powerful testimony that illustrates the heartbeat of the pro-life movement.  He was afflicted with blindness as a teenager and had a leftist teacher at the school he was going to tell him that if he was her son and born blind, she would have aborted him. It opened Jose’s eyes to hard culture of death underlying the pro-abortion worldview of American liberalism and made him a hardcore fighter on behalf of the preborn.

Jose and I positioned ourselves right in the stream of students walking from the bookstore to the science center and started passing out literature to the snowflakes, who were doing their best to veer around us in obvious attempt to avoid conversation (pretty frustrating!).  I finally caught an older student willing to debate after an hour of handing out the material.  He was willing to concede the personhood of the preborn, even at the embryonic stage of development, but said he was fine with the taking of human life, as long as it meant women wouldn’t have to get “back alley abortions.” I responded that before Roe v. Wade, most so called “back alley” abortions were actually performed by licensed physicians willing to break the law and debunked the phony statistic that 5,000-10,000 women died annually in America from botched abortions before it was made legal (the number is at most 500 and that was pre-penicillin, the real factor being infection from the violent process of ripping to pieces a living human baby inside a soft tissue cavity).  Only 45,000 women of child-bearing age died annually during those years, it’s absurd on it’s face to believe such a high percentage were taken out by illegally killing their unborn. He didn’t have an intelligible defense from that point on and basically conceded his support for an admitted genocide because he was “for the women,” devolving the conversation into a kind of “that’s just my view dude, I’m sorry, respect though” type of exchange.  I shared some stories about how the abortion industry wrecks shop on the women he referenced before leaving him with some literature (which he politely took), my card, and an invitation to be a guest on the podcast. (Hey, at least he was willing to contend!).

After the debate with the older pro-abortion student, I reflected on the level of moral decay infecting our institutions of higher education, where a sociology major was willing to promote a society where killing innocent children is okay as long as it’s done “for the women.”