EMERGENCY WEBCAST: Briefing Tonight on David Daleiden Case!


David Daleiden - the courageous young video investigator who stunned the world by revealing Planned Parenthood's barbaric practice of harvesting and trafficking in aborted baby body parts - will be speaking out against the abortion giant on a public webcast TONIGHT, detailing the latest breaking news in the widening scandal ... and you are invited to attend:


Planned Parenthood, the rest of the abortion industry, and their powerful allies in government have launched a massive political witch hunt against David Daleiden, in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from their own inhuman actions by attacking the messenger. 

Tonight, David and top attorneys from three of America's leading public interest law firms - Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, Life Legal Defense Foundation, and Thomas More Society - will bring you the latest updates from the front lines on the current legal battles ... and what they expose about Planned Parenthood's REAL agenda.

WHAT: #IStandWithDavid Emergency Briefing Webcast
DATE: TONIGHT! Tuesday, February 2
TIME: 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific


During this LIVE event, you'll also learn how YOU can help wake up America - to stop Planned Parenthood's cruel, inhuman practice of harvesting and trafficking aborted baby body parts!

There are limited spaces available during tonight's online webcast ... so REGISTER NOW to attend!

David called Life Legal to take the lead in his defense. And they need your help to stand up to these corrupt organizations!  Please consider making a donation to Life Legal Defense Fund as they continue to fight and advocate for life and liberty for David, and those just like him!