40 Days for Life - Campaign Update

The Survivors have been faithful in praying and sidewalk counseling at the Planned Parenthood in San Bernardino every day of the week since the beginning of this 40 Days for Life spring campaign! We have witnessed the hand of God in every conversation and are so excited to share with you what has happened so far!

Before the update, mark your calendars for  Tuesday, March 1, at 6:00 PM for our Midpoint Rally  in front of  the San Bernardino Planned Parenthood.  We will have a candlelight vigil, pray and share stories about the campaign this far. If you haven’t signed up yet for a shift in front of the abortion clinic, the midpoint rally would be a great opportunity to meet the Survivors and sign up for a time slot!

What: 40 Days for Life Midpoint Rally
When: Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM
Where: Planned Parenthood 1873 Commercenter Dr W, San Bernardino, CA 92408

Here is the flyer in English and Spanish

There are three stories I want to share with you today:

1: Only God could orchestrate this one!

Personally, I had several confirmed turn-aways and heard reports of several others. Many people use PP as primary care, even people who say they are against abortion.  I was able to convince several to go elsewhere by giving them a referral list for other doctors in the area and pointing out that PP is the largest killer of babies in America.  "Would you give your money to them if they were dismembering toddlers?"  More turn-aways = less $$ for PP to kill babies!

On Wednesday, God orchestrated something great! I was able to convince one lady to go next door to the Pregnancy Resource Center even though she only spoke Spanish and my Spanish is very limited.  But I knew enough to say "Planned Parenthood mata bebes.  (PP kills babies)"  Her eyes grew wide.  I somehow got it across to her that the Pregnancy Resource Center was right next door and she agreed to go, but there was a car waiting behind her, so I told her to turn around and that I would walk her over.

Then the next car pulled up.  When I offered her a pamphlet on PP, she said, "Oh, I already have that.  You guys were at my brother's high school yesterday and he gave it to me.  I already had my appointment with PP today, but now I know I should probably go somewhere else."  "Well," I said, "there's a place next door."  She turned around and headed over.  The first lady was now waiting for me, so I walked her over.  When we got inside, to my dismay, they didn't have any Spanish speakers.  Looking lost, she started to go out the door, but the second girl came in and saw that we were having trouble communicating, so she offered to translate!

Only God can orchestrate like that!  I left to get back to the vigil feeling amazed.  Pray that both of these women continue in God's love!

2: PP sends woman to the hospital

Here is an update from Marilyn Day:

"Yesterday, Friday, was a surgical abortion day and Iris, one of our SFXC Respect Life members, was praying there with one other person who had already been there a while and who had noticed that a woman with 2 children had been sitting in a car waiting for a long time.  Iris had brought her dog with her so she used her pet to go strike up a conversation with the woman thinking the children might enjoy the dog.  It turns out that the woman's daughter, Krista, the children mother, was in having an abortion.  Iris explained the reason she was there praying and that most women who have an abortion regret it and are in need of healing.  Iris offered information on healing ministries and options and grandma appreciated receiving it.

As they were talking, a fire truck arrived at the Planned Parenthood and then an ambulance.  Iris told the lady she should go inside and find out if it was for her daughter or someone else.  After a few minutes she came out and hugged Iris and told her it was her daughter who was being taken to Loma Linda Hospital.  Iris was able to comfort her and the children and encourage them to have faith that God was caring for Kristal.  We don't know how she is we probably never will but please keep Kristal, her children and her mother in your prayers that God will bless them and heal Kristal physically, emotionally and mentally.

This was a rare event for those of us who regularly pray at Planned Parenthood.  But today Iris had the opportunity to be Jesus' skin to this woman and unknowingly to Iris to be there to offer just what this family is going to need in the days ahead.  This was an emotional situation for her as well, so as you pray for Kristal's family please keep Iris and everyone who steps out in faith to pray at the abortion facilities that we may continue to show God's love and when needed to be His skin to out brother's and sister's and lead them on the path to Life.  To God Be All Praise and Glory."

3: Lives saved

Sheila and her dad, Sam, had a save!

From Sheila: "My dad and I had a save! The couple was pregnant, there for a pregnancy test, and for "info". He talked with them, we gave them info, they sat outside in the smoke area talking, and left! They never even went inside! And they were there waiting before the clinic even opened, since like 615, clinic didn't open til 645 , they left right before 7! Amen!"

Amen!  This campaign is Sam's first introduction into the Pro-Life Movement!  Some firefighters and police officers go their entire career without saving a life.  What a blessing for Sam to be a part of someone's life being saved, and a testimony of the importance and effectiveness of the vigil, in this case, even before the clinic opened in the morning.  When we speak and pray, lives are saved!

This is one of the first confirmed saves of the campaign!  As of yesterday there have been eight confirmed saves so far and by God's grace there will be many more.  And who knows how many have turned away by just seeing the signs or prayer warriors outside or by resources given out?  Maybe someone only came for an immunization, but what if they or someone they know became pregnant and remembered what they saw?  I'm sure many of these we will only learn about in the next life...

During the GOP debate Thursday night, Presidential hopeful Donald Trump defended Planned Parenthood’s claims of providing breast cancer screenings while claiming that he is pro-life. While his stance on abortion is questionable, we can affirm his ignorance on Planned Parenthood’s services and manipulation of the public. Planned Parenthood does not provide breast cancer screenings, and even if they did, they are still the nation’s largest abortion provider, not to mention they cut up baby’s body parts and sell them for money! Planned Parenthood is an evil organization and they deserve to be investigated, prosecuted, defunded, and shut down!

It is important that we keep the pressure on Planned Parenthood, so please spread the word about this campaign  to end abortion through prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil, and community outreach!

For Life,

James Conrad
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