NARAL Chokes on Doritos

Whoa, @NARAL!!!  What’s up with the fetus phobia and intolerance?  You take offense at a Doritos commercial?  Really?  It just kills you that America is watching the humanity of a child inside her mother’s womb as she playfully grabs for the Dorito her daddy is eating?

You turned a cute and funny moment of an ultrasound appointment into something demeaning and filled with hate.

“Anti-choice tactic of humanizing fetuses”?  Let’s discuss basic biology.  If the mother is human, and the father is human, then what would the fetus be?  A HUMAN. The fetus is already a human.  Showing an ultrasound image of a baby in utero is not an anti-choice tactic, it’s a routine medical procedure performed during pregnancy that monitors the baby’s growth.

What are you so afraid of, @NARAL?  People realizing what they already know? That a human baby is a baby human?