Jeff wants YOU to come to CAMP!

This summer is going to be epic! Don't forget to register today to reserve your spot! Bring your friends and take advantage of the group discount PLUS the Early Bird Deadline is in 2 days!


Join The Resistance at the 19th annual Survivors ProLife Training Camp - 13 days of intense training and activism that will prepare you to stand against the worst evil of our day: abortion. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry may have money and power, but we have God and conviction. This year we watched as Planned Parenthood once again was exposed and investigated, and this time the disturbing truths of selling aborted baby parts for profit was released. They are under investigation which means now more than ever we must apply more pressure!


Bring a Friend and Save!

In order to be qualified for the group discount, all members of the group must each submit a completed application and $50 non-refundable deposit. Person's in your your group who register by May 1st will receive the group discount and the Early Bird Discount.


Cost for group of 2 people: $425/person

$350/person with the early bird discount

Cost for group of 3 people: $400/person

$325/person with the early bird discount

Cost for group of 4+ people: $375/person

$300/person with the early bird discount


So act today and join us this summer for a training camp like none other before!


Early bird registration saves you money, so register now

before May 1st!