No Mas Planned Parenthood Appeal


Dear Friend,

                 I grew up in an Irish Catholic neighborhood – we were Democrats – I joke that a Democratic Party voter registration card came with our birth certificates.

            But something happened after the time of Kennedy and the Democratic Party moved away from the family and led the fight for abortion.  Soon there were Republicans in our neighborhood and as the Democratic Party slid further and further into a moral abyss, more and more Catholic Democrats became Republicans.

Let me state without equivocation:  I am not endorsing any political party!

I don't care to get involved in politics - I say vote your faith, for the protection of the preborn and the defense of the family!

Now, our Italian Catholic neighbors also began to desert the Democratic Party for their godless moral policies, as did other Catholic ethnic groups.

But there is one glaring exception!!!

The Hispanic community!

It sickens me as I watch Republicans and conservatives dance around the Hispanic community – or worse ignore the Hispanic community.


Because Republicans and conservatives wrongly believe that immigration is the only thing that matters to the Hispanic community.

They are dead wrong!!!

My Grandmother was 100% Hispanic, Juaquina Robles.  My mother and father, from Tucson, Arizona, spoke Spanish fluently, together they had 11 children.  I grew up in the Mexican and Irish Catholic family culture.

I loved it.

Let me tell you a few things about the Hispanic community:

They love family.  They want the best for their children!

They love and cherish life, including the lives of preborn babies!!

They are a people of faith, Catholic and Evangelical!!

They are hard working and want jobs, not handouts.

Some have been here since before their land was even part of the United States.

They care about more than immigration.  They, like all of us, want justice and fairness and a future for their families!

So it kills me when I see them in the clutches of the Democratic Party and in the sights of Planned Parenthood!

The young people of Survivors have a plan!!!

The Survivors know that if Planned Parenthood is not defeated clinic by clinic our society and our culture will die along with the babies they kill.

An article in the American Thinker summed it up well:

“Things have worsened at an ever-increasing pace. 

Drug traffic has become so prevalent and profitable that drug cartels virtually rule sections of a neighboring country and have established a vast fungus-like infrastructure within our own. 

The institution of marriage has degenerated to the point where homosexuality, promiscuity, and date rape are "the new normal," half of all marriages end in divorce, and over 40 percent of our babies (the ones that escape abortion) are born to unwed mothers.

Lying and cheating have become so commonplace that a substantial fraction of all resumes contain false entries and students routinely cheat on tests and buy term papers on the Internet.

I have no tangible proof, but I have come to believe that the primary source of our decay is the Roe vs Wade decision in 1973. I contend that abortion is slowly killing us.

Abortion may be the moral equivalent of AIDS. Our bodies, though under constant attack from bacteria, viruses, and cancers, can normally keep most or all of these invaders at bay.

But AIDS eventually destroys the immune system, thereby allowing the already-present invaders and a host of new ones to ravage the body unchecked. Ultimately, the AIDS victim dies from one or more infections that otherwise would have been trivial.

In the same way, the death of some 50 million babies – or rather, the hypocrisy and moral evasion required to allow those deaths – has hardened the collective American conscience to the point where it can easily tolerate other moral degeneracies and ignore their obvious destructive effects on our society.”

Planned Parenthood hates the large Hispanic family.  The founder of Planned Parenthood described Hispanics as human weeds.  Weeds Planned Parenthood wants gone!

And their plan is working.  Each day 700 Hispanic babies are killed by abortion!!

79% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are within walking distance of Hispanic communities.

Abortion rates among Latinos are three times that of their Caucasian neighbors!!!

Look around, see how small Hispanic families are getting?  What do you think is happening?  Did God suddenly close the womb of Hispanic mothers?

No!  Young Hispanics are being educated by Planned Parenthood that babies are a burden.  I assure you the grandparents have no clue their grandchildren are being murdered by Planned Parenthood with the full intent to destroy the Hispanic culture.

But that’s not all they despise about the Hispanics!!!

Why?  Because Planned Parenthood has a religious faith all their own.  And Planned Parenthood evangelizes that faith.  Planned Parenthood’s faith is humanism.

Yes humanism!!! 

Don’t believe me?  Let me share an article excerpt from

“Planned Parenthood’s programs teach children values that are endorsed by the American Humanist Association.  These include values such as:

There are no objective rights and wrongs, you decide; you are entitled to the “full range of civil liberties” including contraception, abortion, divorce, suicide, and euthanasia; short of harming others, individuals should be able to engage in their sexual proclivities as they desire. These Humanist values are documented in Humanist Manifesto II.

Many parents have long objected to schools teaching the religion of Humanism and have tried to get these PP programs banned. Parents are met with the claim that Humanism, because it does not recognize the existence of a prayer-hearing God, is not a religion.”

In 2014, in a case brought by a prison inmate and the American Humanist Association, a federal judge ruled that Humanism is a religion.  The judge cited a 1961 U.S. Supreme Court decision (Torcaso v. Watkins) that referred to Secular Humanism as a religion.

The main group representing Humanists in the U.S. is the American Humanist Association. Among the activities of AHA is the giving of awards to people who spread its religion. 

The fact is that all of Planned Parenthood’s major presidents (those who have served three years or more), as well as many of its board of directors, have received awards for spreading Humanist values.

The list below gives a sampling of the Planned Parenthood people involved and the AHA awards given.

• Margaret Sanger, founder and first major president, won the Humanist of the Year Award in 1957.

• Alan F. Guttmacher, MD, second major president, was a signer of Humanist Manifesto II in 1973.

• Faye Wattleton, third major president, won the Humanist of the Year Award in 1986.

• Gloria Feldt, fourth major president, won the Humanist Distinguished Service Award in 2003.

• Cecile Richards, current and fifth major president, has not, yet, won a Humanism Award, but she was founder of the Texas Freedom Network, whose website was hosted for many years by the Humanists of Houston, a member organization of AHA.

• Albert Ellis, a member of PP leadership committee, won the Humanist of the Year Award in 1971.

• Mary Calderone, MD, medical director, won the Humanist of the Year Award in 1974.
• Betty Friedan, member of PP leadership committee, won the Humanist of the Year Award in 1975.

• Isaac Asimov, member PP leadership committee, won the Humanist of the Year Award in 1984.

• Lloyd Morain, member PP board of directors, won the Humanist of the Year Award in 1994.

Make no mistake PP hates the Christian faith unpinning the Hispanic culture!

And Planned Parenthood HAS A PLAN to destroy the very fabric of the Hispanic family and faith!

Planned Parenthood has a three-step process to ensure its growth and survival and to facilitate the destruction of the Hispanic family, culture and faith!

First, Planned Parenthood encourages an active “no morality” based sexual lifestyle, then sells our young people contraceptives at a huge profit, and finally—when the contraceptives fail—sells them abortions.

The important first step in this process is getting to the young people through sex education programs in the schools.  

Planned Parenthood even has clinics in our high schools!

Planned Parenthood bills itself as the largest sex education provider in the United States.

And one of PP’s main targets are Hispanic community high schools. 

As anyone who has had the opportunity to review the PP sex programs knows, it does not give the children any direction on the right or wrong use of sex.

Other than saying that all sex must be consensual, PP leaves decisions up to the children.  These programs are often characterized by Planned Parenthood as “values free.”

Values free?!?!?

            What about the value of faith?

            What about the value of family?

            What about the value of marriage?

            What about the value of life?

            What about parental guidance values?

            Planned Parenthood hates those values!!!!

The Hispanic community is under attack! 

Their families and faith are under attack!!

            Less than a century ago the Mexican Government tried to eliminate the influence of the Catholic faith from Mexico.

            Thousands of Mexican Catholics were tortured or if they were lucky simply murdered.

            The Mexican Government was intent on ridding Mexico of the superstition and revolutionary idea that there was anything with greater authority than the government.

            Hundreds of priests were murdered, nuns killed and imprisoned, peasants slaughtered, churches taken over and desecrated.

            It was a war on faith!!!

            Eventually a war broke out to defend the lives of the faithful and the faith!

            The Cristeros War!!!

            And the battle cry then was Viva Cristo Rey!

            Thousands were killed for uttering those words.  For many their last faithful utterance in the midst of their torture was Viva Cristo Rey!

            The soldiers called themselves the Cristeros!  The Christ followers!

            Their fight was not just an anti-government fight – it was a fight for faith!

            A fight for their families and for all the great things that spring forth from a life of faith!

            The Mexican Government was simply a pawn of the devil himself!!!!

            It was the father of lies using the Mexican Government to do his bidding.

            And even though Planned Parenthood isn’t smashing through the doors of our churches and shooting pastors and lay people alike – make no mistake – they are doing the devil’s bidding!

            Already Planned Parenthood has killed more Hispanics than the Mexican Government ever did!!  And to make it worse our young people are bringing their babies to Planned Parenthood to be killed!

            Planned Parenthood is waging war on the Hispanic culture!

            Funded and supported by politicians this war is a quiet war.  Rather than riding through the neighborhood shooting Hispanics, they infiltrate our schools and convince us that Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party care about us. 

They “educate” Hispanic parents.

Recently Survivors sent a Hispanic mother undercover to a meeting in a Los Angeles high school.  The meeting was sponsored by Planned Parenthood but promoted via robo-calls – by the school – in Spanish to Hispanic parents.

The meeting was in Spanish and the gist of it was:  Planned Parenthood is here to help you.  You know your children are going to have sex so encourage them to use condoms.  Don’t be backwards, you are in America now, help your children be successful.  Don’t burden them with children.

It all sounded so caring but it is the same old lies of the devil just repackaged by Planned Parenthood:  Faith is outdated as guidance for your life.  Children are a burden.

            My friends, the Hispanic community is ruthlessly being targeted by Planned Parenthood.

            They are murdering our babies, our faith and our families in an effort to wipe, once again, faith from the Hispanic culture.

This must not succeed!  It is time for a new war for the faith!

            This new war will not be fought with guns but rather with truth!

            The first volley in this New Cristeros War is the Survivors No Mas! Campaign.

            No Mas!  No More!

            No Mas Planned Parenthood!

            No Mas lies!

            No Mas voting for politicians who protect the murderous Planned Parenthood!

            No Mas allowing Planned Parenthood to operate as the friend of the Hispanic community!

            The Survivors are going to expose Planned Parenthood!

            The Survivors are going to pull back the curtain of lies Planned Parenthood hides behind!

            The Survivors are going into the Hispanic communities with a message of faith and family.

            It is a different day and a different war but it is the same devil.

            And our battle cry will be the same today as it was in Mexico.

            Yes, Long live Christ the King!

            The Survivors are the new Cristeros.

            The Survivors are going into Hispanic communities, to fairs, swap meets, and churches to expose Planned Parenthood!  To let Hispanics know Planned Parenthood is not their friend and that PP’s evil intent is to destroy the Hispanic faith, family and culture!

            Again I want to say pro-family, pro-faith and pro-life politicians have no plan to reach the Hispanic community!

            Shackled by the immigration debate, they largely ignore the Hispanic vote.

            Everything about the Hispanic culture should make them allies of these pro-family, pro-faith and pro-life politicians.

            That negligence of the Hispanic voter must change.

            We must get those politicians who oppose life, family and faith out of office.  We must educate the Hispanic community on the war being waged on them by Planned Parenthood and their political allies!

            And when we educate the Hispanic vote on the evil of Planned Parenthood, and convince them to vote their faith and values, the forces of good will begin to see victory!

            But this war against Planned Parenthood will come with a cost.

            David Daliedan, a pro-life hero, spent over two years of his life working undercover to expose the illegal harvesting and sale of baby parts by Planned Parenthood. 

David gathered hours and hours of video tape clearly showing the corruption and illegal activity of Planned Parenthood.  Videos of Planned Parenthood workers dumping a bag of baby parts into a pan pushing them around looking for “saleable” parts.

These were little babies cut to pieces being sold illegally like meat in a butcher shop!

David Daliedan painstakingly captured the truth on video.

            In the last few days his home was raided by police under a search warrant at the behest of the corrupt California Attorney General Kamala Harris!

            They took his videos, his computer and ransacked his house for hours.

            Well guess what:  Kamala Harris is running for US Senate and guess – just guess who one of her major supports is?

            Korrupt Kamala is going after David – not Planned Parenthood.  Just one example of the depth of corruption and embracing of the culture of death by a Democrat politician.

            And proof that this fight is going to cost.

            Almost immediately after David’s videos came to light and America was stunned at the callous disregard for life and illegal harvesting of baby parts by Planned Parenthood, one Congressman did not waste a moment to rush to PP’s defense.

            Congressman Pete Aguilar of California ran an op-ed piece in the local paper supporting wholeheartedly Planned Parenthood.  The blood of the babies hadn’t even had time to dry.

            Pete Aguilar, a Democrat from the 31st district said:  “I applaud Planned Parenthood for their leadership . . . And I am honored to have their support!”

            The Survivors, the new Cristeros, intend to fight Planned Parenthood.

            Because the Survivors have a plan to win the Hispanic community and to secure their vote for politicians who support their faith, protect their families and defend life!!!

            We are not getting political.  We are being faithful!

            And the Survivor Cristeros love their faith, love their families, love children and love their culture!

            The Survivor Cristeros will go to the highways and byways running through Hispanic communities to expose and defeat Planned Parenthood and get those evil politicians who support PP thrown out of office.

            Pete Aguilar’s district is nearly 50% Hispanic.  Last election he won by less than 4,000 votes.  

            Our NO Mas campaign is designed to get the Hispanic community to vote for life.  To vote for family, to vote for faith, to vote their values.

            And when they do – you will see pro-abortion politicians fall like flies.

            The Hispanic vote must become a pro-life, pro-faith, pro-family vote!

            This is about long live Christ the King and all He has commanded us.

            To love the Lord your God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself!

            With that battle cry on their lips the young Survivors Cristeros are charging headlong into battle.  These young people fully intend to see pro-Planned Parenthood politicians fall at the voting booth.

            The Survivors Cristeros are going to pour themselves into educating the Hispanic communities because they know what Republicans and Conservatives don’t:

Hispanics are natural allies in the fight for family, faith and life – if we run to them and tell them the truth the victory will be ours!

            This is war.  The New Cristero’s War.  This is a war to be fought by our young people at Survivors, the new Cristeros.  This is the Resistance!

Resist the devil and he will flee, promises God.

            Planned Parenthood is doing the bidding of the devil himself as he ravages the Hispanic community with lies and death!

Already the creative team at Survivors have designed four new pieces of literature to reach the Hispanic community. 

They are designing 10 billboards for use at community events.

            The Survivor Cristeros have secured booths at fairs and swap meets to expose the lies of Planned Parenthood and to call out the politicians who support them.

unnamed (24).png

They are wrapping their van to promote the NO Mas campaign.

They are recruiting friends and peers to join the fight this summer!

This is a perfect fight for our young people. 

They have the energy!

They have the passion!

They have the truth!

All they lack is the money to buy the things they need!

We must not allow a lack of money to stop the Survivor Cristeros!

The Cristeros need about $240,000 to fight this campaign well!

            That is a lot of money isn’t it?  Yes, it is.

            More than we can raise from our small but faithful group of friends like you.

            But I am hitting the road, going to businessmen, political donors, and church leaders to raise that money for them.  I do not intend to rest.

            I believe we can see the defeat of these pro-abortion, Planned Parenthood protectors and Planned Parenthood funding politicians!        

            The $240,000 budget is a 6 month budget and battle plan to expose Planned Parenthood and to put young people on the ground demonstrating and educating about Planned Parenthood. 

I want at least a dozen fulltime young people saturating the Hispanic community inside Planned Parenthoods political ally – Extremist and pro-abortion Congressman Pete Aguilar.

I believe he will be defeated this next election when we

educate 50% of his voting bloc on just exactly what he supports!

The Republicans might not have a plan to reach the Hispanic vote – But we do!

            But there is one critical person I need to start this fundraising campaign!

            $240,000 dollars is a big number and by God’s grace I intend to raise it but it starts with first steps.  So I am asking you to take that first step of faith and to demonstrate to our young people that you support their faithful service.

            Be the first to join their battle cry – Viva Cristo Rey!

            Give a donation to the war effort with great joy and expectation.  Whisper the words “Viva Cristo Rey” as you write your check of support.

            I need you.

            I know your gift may be $35, $50 or even a $100 and that may seem like a drop in the bucket for a goal of $250,000.

            But it is not just a drop in the bucket, it is the first drop of a stream of support and without that first drop there is no stream!

            I am going on the road to meet with people who can give large gifts of $1000, $5000, $10,000, even $25,000 or $50,000.  I will work to identify these donors and present our plan.

            But I am not counting on them!

            I am counting on God to show me the way.  God has already blessed the Survivors with your support and we are always thankful for every gift.

            Please by among the first to give.  Give the best gift you can and join the Survivors in the battle cry Viva Cristo Rey!!!

            Together we can rescue the Hispanic community from the clutches of Planned Parenthood.  Together we can lead to fight to vote pro-death politicians out of office.

            The Hispanic community is going to win the day when they begin to vote their faith, for their families and for life!

Thank you for giving to this new war effort today.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Jeff “Jefe” White

P.S.  The Republicans don’t have a plan to reach the Hispanic community!  But the Survivors do.

A century ago the devil using the Mexican Government tried to wipe out the Catholic faith.  Thousands died. The Cristeros war began and the devil and Mexico lost and faith won!

Today, the devil is using Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion politicians to once again wipe out the Hispanic faith, culture, family and life! 

The New Cristeros War has begun!  And Planned Parenthood and the politicians who protect and fund them will be defeated!  Please give to this new war effort.  Please support the NO Mas! Campaign, thank you!  Viva Cristo Rey!


Republicans do not have a plan to reach the Hispanic community!

Republicans and Conservatives dance around the Hispanic community or even worse – just ignore them.  They wrongly believe that immigration is the only thing that matters to Hispanics.

The Republicans and Conservatives are dead wrong!!!  But do you know who does have a plan?

Planned Parenthood has a plan!! A deadly plan!!!

Planned Parenthood is out to destroy the Hispanic culture.  They hate the faith and family culture.  And they are targeting the Hispanics.  And their plan is working.

700 Hispanic babies a day are killed by abortion!  Abortion rates among Latinos is three times that of their Caucasian neighbors!  It sickens me the pro-family and pro-faith politicians have no plan to reach our brothers and sisters in the Hispanic community.

No Mas!  No More!!  The Survivors have a plan!!!!

The young and enthusiastic Survivors are going directly into the Hispanic communities to tell the truth about Planned Parenthood and the war they are waging on the Hispanic culture!

The youth from Survivors will be at Planned Parenthood – exposing their evil deeds of darkness.

It is a new day but it is the same Devil!

Just as the Mexican Government tried to eradicate faith from Mexico in the early 20th century, today Planned Parenthood is trying to once again destroy that faith and undermine the family.  At Survivors we have one response:

Viva Cristo Rey!  Long live Christ the King!

The Survivors will cry of the Cristeros war as we charge headlong into battle with Planned Parenthood.  Please give today to the new Cristeros! Help Survivors raise $240,000 over the next 6 months so they can take the fight to Planned Parenthood and into the Hispanic communities.  Not for the sake of the Republican party but for the sake of families and people of faith everywhere.

The Survivors have a plan but they need your help today!

Yes Jeff, I want to give a special gift today to help the Survivors reach the Hispanic community and to expose Planned Parenthood’s evil plan, enclosed is my gift of:

$500 $250 $100 $75 $50 $35 

I want to make a special gift of:

  $5000   $10,000   $25,000    $50,000  Other: