Be on the frontlines for God this summer !

Dear Friend,    

Are you a Cristero -- A Christ follower?  Join us this summer and fall as we fight for the lives of pre-born babies under the banner of our Savior Jesus Christ!  Whether it is a weekend, 10 days, or all summer, there are many exciting ways to be on the frontlines of the fight for life. Here are some great opportunities to serve God this summer:

  • Resistance Team
  • Cristeros Missions Campaigns
  • ProLife Training Camp
  • Volunteers Needed for Camp!
  • Our Outreach Calendar

Join the Resistance Team

How many summers have you spent that you can look back on and say I saved a life!? This is something powerful to share with your future children. Make this summer worth while. Make it count for something.

Join the Resistance team and live and work for Christ in daily activism for the pre-born. We will save lives this coming year -- only questions are: Are you a Cristero -- a Christ follower?  And will you be in the fight He has called you to?

"Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth" - 1 John 3:18

It is your turn to take a stand. We are all called to be missionary disciples and live our faith in action!  The time is now. This war is against your generation.

Join us on the front lines of the abortion battle.  "If I give away all I have and deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing" - 1 Corinthians 13:3.

Because of the abundant love, care, mercy and forgiveness I have received, I am ready to surrender my life to serve God.

Contact Survivors ASAP to sign up for volunteer times! ( 951) 750-1114  |

Cristeros Short-Term Missions


Front lines of the Abortion Wars

Cristeros - Christ Follower

10 days storming the gates of hell! It really is that simple -- will you, a Cristero, follow us into battle against Planned Parenthood?  Will you be there as we storm the gates of Hell -- knowing they will not prevail and we will snatch the lives of babies from the jaws of death?!

Give us 10 days and we will give you an experience like no other. An experience with eternal consequences.  The Cristeros Short-Term Missions is an opportunity designed to allow you to carve out a part of your summer or fall to serve the One you say you follow.  Survivors will cover room, board and a weekly stipend.  

Be a Cristero -- join us for one or more of the following dates:

  • July 15 - 24
  • August 12 - 21
  • September 16 - 25
  • October 28 - November 9

Fill out the application today!

Survivors ProLife Training Camp!

Known nationally as the pro-life "boot camp," Survivors ProLife Training Camps have equipped hundreds of high school and college students to be effective voices for the preborn.

Click image to watch last years #memories!

From preparing a press release to sharing the truth of abortion on a street corner, the Survivors are trained as abolitionists of the highest caliber. Through the signature combination of classroom teaching and hands-on experience, the Survivors ProLife Training Camps are producing pro-life leaders for the next generation.

Bring a Friend and Save!

It's not too late to save on camp. In order to be qualified for the group discount, all members of the group must each submit a completed application and $50 non-refundable deposit. 

Campers get 100 community service hours for attending Survivors Camp! 

Cost for group of 2 people: $425/person

Cost for group of 3 people: $400/person

Cost for group of 4+ people: $375/person

So act today and join us this summer for a training camp like none other before! 

Contact Survivors:

(951) 750-1114  |

Click on image to register!

Click on image to register!

 We Love Volunteers!

Start praying and sign up to volunteer! Contact us: night watch, van drivers, pack sack lunches, kitchen help, worship team, food donations, and food shopping. 

This is an opportunity to serve God and your neighbor with us this summer. 

You can help make this camp powerful for these young missionaries for life! We need your time and prayers to build up our next generation of ProLife leaders! 

Contact Survivors:   (951) 750-1114  |

Our Activism Outreach Calendar

Survivors Upcoming Events

The Survivors ardently believe that simply saying you're pro-life isn't enough --you have to live it. That's why we plan activism events across the nation and invite everyone we know to join us! Check out our calendar to find out what's coming up next on the Survivors' calendar and how you and your friends can serve your community!