Help Send Our Survivors Team to the RNC!

Dear Friend, 

     The Republican National Convention will be a crazy media frenzy!

     There will be 24-hour a day coverage of the candidate and political talking heads.

If you want to get a message out via the media that is not the time to do it.

You are just whistling into the wind.

     But as experienced activists and advocates for the pre-born babies we know the very best time to get your message out is just prior to a major event.

     Why? Because all the TV crews, radio hosts and reporters get into town early to get
background stories and set up interviews and locations.

     While they are waiting for the big show to begin they are desperate for real news. And
the Survivors are trained and experienced to get our message out via the media.

 And seven Survivors are going to Ohio to get a very important message out.

     Their message is directed to the GOP Platform Committee to include a platform
provision calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood!

But don't just defund Planned Parenthood.

     Take the FIVE HUNDRED FORTY MILLION DOLLARS (Yes $540,000,000.00) currently given to Planned Parenthood and give it to 13,000 federally licensed health clinics which provide true comprehensive women's health care.

     These clinics provide a greater variety of services and choices to women than Planned Parenthood and are not under federal investigation for selling baby body parts!

     The seven Survivors will be joining a coalition of pro-life groups in Ohio. The Survivors were not planning to go to the GOP convention until Pat Mahoney from the Christian Defense Coalition came and spoke at camp and asked for the Survivors to join him there!

     With less than two-week's notice seven Survivors quickly volunteered to go and to even participate in some media attention grabbing civil disobedience to dramatically get the message out.

     So we are buying the plane tickets and sending them on their way to represent us, the babies and God's love at the GOP Platform Committee meeting.

     While they are there they will be participating in public witness to the terrible national sin of abortion. They will be at all the venues where the media will be camped out.

     They will be calling for a platform change defunding Planned Parenthood and funding over 13,000 real women's health centers.

     Our strategy is to go before the convention starts because we know we will be able to garner lots of media attention for the plight of the pre-born and for our call to fund the real women's clinics.

     You know our congress gives $540,000,000.00 to Planned Parenthood.

     But did you know Planned Parenthood gives over $480,000,000.00 to pro abortion politicians? Now how is that for corruption?

     But money can't buy truth. That is why I can come to you today and ask you for a gift of $35, $50, $75 or a $100 and know I will be able to be effective in getting our message out.

     The seven Survivors will get the fight to defund Planned Parenthood in the media because they have the truth! And they have passion! And they love God and the babies and money can't buy that!

     If you are blessed to be able to send a large gift of $1000 or more our seven Survivors could use your support. If you give to this campaign I will make sure a special update from the seven Survivors gets sent to you upon their return.

     The seven Survivors are going to represent you and the babies and to fight for life.
Please give generously today as these courageous young people go boldly to Ohio for the Republican National Platform Committee meetings!

     We can win this fight with God, truth and less money but we do need your gift to do this work. The Survivors will do more for less. They will work hard and earn your support.

     Thank you for helping the Survivors go to Ohio to petition the Platform Committee to make the defunding of Planned Parenthood a part of the Republican Platform.

     Watch for the news July 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th - the seven Survivors will be there causing a ruckus and drawing the media's attention to the fight for life.

     Pray for our seven Survivors as they take their experience to the streets of Ohio.

     And thank you again for making it all possible by your generous gift today.

Your friend for Life,

Jeff White

Founder, Survivors

PS: The strategy is simple: Prior to the RNC the media will be sitting in the calm before the storm looking for interesting stories. The seven Survivors and the coalition of pro-life groups will give them a story and visuals: defund Planned Parenthood and fund the over 13,000 true women's health centers not under indictment. And as always - protect the pre-born babies!!

Yes Jeff, I want to send the seven Survivors to Ohio to get the message of life out to the media and petition the Committee to include defunding Planned Parenthood as part of the Republican Platform.  

My gift of:

$35      $50      $75      $100      $1000      Other $_________