Hillary's America, Aguilar's District

With racial tensions peaking and elections in sight, the documentary, Hillary's America: The secret history of the Democratic Party, has arrived just in time.  Director Dinesh D’Souza’s intellect and patriotism shine, factually exposing the Democratic party’s dirty secret that they have historically oppressed the working class while taking credit for liberties and civil rights for which the Republican party fought and gave their lives.

The film exposes the shameful reality that Democrats have always been for slavery, personal gain, eugenics, and corrupt politics.  It was Republicans who proposed that all citizens deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  D’Souza exposes the truth behind Democrats’ claim to be for the people, from the people.  Instead they use the people as mules to generate the income they need to live large, claiming to "help" us with dupes like low income housing projects, their modern form of segregation, Obamacare which is government control over the billion dollar healthcare system and the people who use it, and women’s rights.  

Exposed in the film is is abortion eugenics, and it is infuriatingly clear minorities are targeted.  Democrats rally for women’s rights, while supporting and being supported by an industry that exploits low income women and their crisis pregnancies for profit.  D’Souza reveals that democrats promoted the abortion industry as a solution to post slavery America, in which minority, immigrant, and low income people are treated as commodities in a system of profit.  This is tragically obvious as 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics are in minority communities, bus stop friendly and/or walking distance, they claim, so all women, regardless of ability to afford a car, can have access.  Rather than catering to the needs of women, it's the dollars they're catering to, the upwards of $500 a woman must pay up front before receiving an abortion.  $500 many women do not have.  What’s that, you say?  If the woman can’t afford it the government will pay. Yes, with our taxes.  In comes democratic Obamacare.  Obama, who has a personal and working relationship with Hillary, Hillary who is Planned Parenthood's first presidential candidate endorsement and whom Planned Parenthood gives lavish campaign donations to, and whom she in turn supports.  

Democratic deception goes all the way down to local levels, as with California’s 31st district congressman Pete Aguilar.  Just like Hillary, he receives money from Planned Parenthood for his campaign and supports them behind the guise of women’s rights.  Much of the 31st district fits the demographic mentioned above, so you’ll find Planned Parenthood has two clinics here.  Aguilar chose a campaign office one block away from the San Bernardino clinic, and literally door-to-door with Planned Parenthood of S.B.O.C.’s administrative office.  The image comes to mind of Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, sitting beside Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.  Can you follow the blood trail and see the corruption?  

We must remove the blinders from our eyes and see this is all about profit and power.  The democratic party is not here to help anyone but themselves, yet they loudly boast the about rights for all.  Where is their rally cry for our right to live above poverty and to support crisis pregnancies to their natural and beautiful end:  a living baby welcomed into a loving community?  There is no profit for them there, so they are silent.  They've twisted the truth so that we give them our votes, put them in office, so they and their cronies profit at our expense.  D’Souza created that visual, clear and factual.  Open your eyes and see for yourself.