40 Days for Life Success Story-- on Day 1!

Our 40 Days for Life campaign started out just two days ago, and we've already gotten word of a success-- from Day 1!

Here's a testimony from 40 Days for Life participant, Jacob Escobedo, about the impact our campaign has already made:

"I arrived at the clinic at 6 am and proceeded to set up a couple of signs and a chair, since I knew that I'd be there for about 3 hours that day. I attempted to minister to women walking in the clinic, presumably for birth control. One woman in particular sported a fish symbol on her bumper and told me that she was a Christian and even worked at a church, but was "pro-choice".

"Eventually, a man in plain clothes approached me. He introduced himself as the security guard for the day (Planned Parenthood was expecting us). I expected to be told to stand elsewhere or to be harassed in some way. However, this gentleman was extremely polite as he briefly laid out the ground rules per the clinic administrators. He advised me to stay hydrated and said that if I needed anything, I could flag him down, as he would be sitting in his vehicle.

"Three hours later, he came to check on me as I was getting ready to pack up. He wanted to make sure I was hydrated and that I was doing alright. He shared with me some stories from his days as a police officer. He also said that he was a Christian and that he accepted the job for the day without knowing that he would be guarding a Planned Parenthood.

"He assured me that he was pro-life, and actually was not happy that he ended up at the clinic that day. He even told me that his wife had called him, and she also was upset that he was working security for Planned Parenthood. I asked him if he'd be securing the facility for the duration of the campaign, to which he said that he would not, since it would be against his Christian beliefs to support an organization like Planned Parenthood.

"He pledged that he would decline any future requests or offers to work for Planned Parenthood."

Already, our campaign has affected that security guard and, with God's grace, we can change even more hearts and minds over the next 40 Days! Please continue to prayer for our campaign and volunteers!

Haven't signed up yet? You can still commit to our 40 Days for Life campaign! Sign up for hours at our San Bernardino campaign here!