Urgent Message from Survivors Founder Jeff White: Planned Parenthood Won, We Are Being Evicted...

Dear Friend,

          This past Wednesday our landlord, at the request of Planned Parenthood, successfully evicted us for being a nuisance!

          That judge even acknowledged that being a nuisance was our job as he ordered us out by February 28th.  But the judge ignored the fact that our activity was 1st amendment activity and therefore lawfully not allowed to constitute a nuisance for commercial purposes.

          So there I sat – I listened to the landlord say he was Catholic and had nothing against us.  The judge said he liked our work BUT – We are a nuisance so we must go!

          When I heard the words, neither disappointment, despair, nor even anger washed over me.  Instead I just felt a peace, calm and unconcerned.

          Oh, I was bothered by the poor legal decision of the judge and expressed some dismay to our Life Legal Defense Foundation attorney, but I was at peace.

          This morning as I sat down to write you and I pondered our situation – I was smiling.

          Smiling from deep inside.

          Don’t get me wrong – everything is not okay.

          Survivors is broke and has been since November.  Cheryl and I have come out of pocket to keep things going.  Joe Salant, our Campus Outreach Director, even volunteered to take a part time job until things got better.

          Now, on top of that we must move by February 28th from our office we spent over $10,000 remodeling ourselves to save rent over the next three years.  All gone.

          We are considering an appeal and doing what we can to shore up our finances but these are indeed desperate times.

          So why am I smiling?

          Because I know.  Yes!  I know!

          I know my Father in heaven is not the least bit concerned.  I know that our time on earth is but an opportunity to be faithful and to do all we can to stand for righteousness and to defend the weak.

          I know that when you are a Soldier of the Cross you can expect battle wounds.  I know Planned Parenthood was very proud of itself and celebrating our defeat, but I just smile.

          I know they are on our mailing list and will be reading this letter and will be gleeful at our seeming demise.  Writing that took the smile from my face.  

          Not because I mind them knowing our weakness but rather the realization they are destined to an eternity in hell for the slaughter of the innocents. 

          That thought hurts my heart – I pray you (Planned Parenthood worker reading this) seek God and find mercy in Jesus Christ and live in the joy of knowing Him. 

          I am sorry if this letter rambles but these are crazy times.

          So back to that smile on my face and in my heart.

          I am not worried.  I sat in a strategy meeting last night and put everything – including shutting down Survivors – on the table.

          The meeting was at times tense as everyone who works with Survivors is filled with passion and a burning desire to see babies saved, Planned Parenthood gone and abortion once again illegal in the United States and around the world.  They have dedicated their lives to just that.

          How do you tell a group like that to slow down?  Only through prayer and seeking God.  By the end of the evening we came to agree on our plans for the next 6 months in light of our situation and assuming we will have no office come March.

          And we are smiling.

          Instead of taking the easy route and shutting down, we are minimizing our costs and maximizing our effect for every dollar God provides through our friends like you.

           Sorry to take the smile off your face, Planned Parenthood, but it does not bode well for you.  For starters, just because our office is done doesn’t mean we will be gone.  I’m not revealing the details just yet, but Planned Parenthood can be sure that just because we got evicted – we are not going anywhere.

          To quote our former Governor – We’ll be back!

           And before we move out we are co-sponsoring a national Defund Planned Parenthood protest across the nation on February 11th!!

          And we will lead the protests ourselves in Riverside and San Bernardino!!!

          Planned Parenthood may have won a short-term victory but we are not even fazed for we are Soldiers of the Cross, Cristeros, Followers of Christ – our lives are His lives and we will not quit until He calls us home.

          All across the nation there will be protests against Planned Parenthood, exposing their lies and their murder of the innocent.

          Planned Parenthood doesn’t do women’s healthcare – they do murder for hire!

          Do they do mammograms?  No, but they will kill your baby.  Do they do prenatal care? No but they will kill your baby. 

         Do they offer free medical services that actually cost them money and not paid for by the government dollars?  No, because they are not a charity:  They are a baby killing industry.

         The time has come to defund Planned Parenthood of the more than half a billion dollars they receive in tax dollars every year.

         Writing that just put another smile on my face.

         All that money – half a billion dollars and they are bothered by us.  That’s funny if you think about it.  Makes David and Goliath look like an even match by comparison!

         You and I love God, trust God for our livelihood and thank Him for all we are blessed with – even in difficult times.  And we stand against Planned Parenthood not with thousands, rather often with only one or two fellow Christians.

         So why does Planned Parenthood even notice us?  We have the truth and God with us!!!

         This February 11th Christians across the nation will be once again be standing and calling on our new President and Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.

         We will speak the truth that abortion kills children, abortion is not healthcare and that Planned Parenthood lies when it says they care about women!

         We will highlight Planned Parenthood’s continuing racist agenda!  We will once again point out they lie when they say they do mammograms or prenatal care.

         And we shall proclaim God’s command – “Thou shall do no murder!”  We will highlight the beauty and sacredness of life.

         And we will pray to our Father in heaven and plead with Him in Jesus’ name to bring this child killing to an end.

         And I smile.  I smile because I know.  I know God in heaven will make a way for us to stay in this fight and the young Survivors will soldier on and confront Planned Parenthood and child killing at every turn.

        We are not retreating – we are regrouping!

        We are regrouping with great expectation for the future!  For you see we are not Planned Parenthood.  Our funding does not come from the government or through killing for profit!

         Our funding comes through God’s people from Him.  We trust God knows what we need and he will put it on the hearts of those he has provided for – those He has prepared for just a time as this.

         Yes, Planned Parenthood, we are broke and you have won – for the time being. 

         We are in our appeal process –not to San Bernardino County Court – we are making our appeal to heaven and that is nothing for you, our dear enemies to smile about.

         So thank you for allowing me to ramble and I pray that in hearing our troubles you will stop and join us in thanking God for His provision, love and guidance in our lives.

          In Ephesians 6 God encourages us – “Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything to stand – Stand Firm …..”

         And stand we shall.  With a smile on our face and the joy of Christ in our hearts.

         We still are broke and a day has been set for our eviction but we will stand indeed.

         Will you stand with us?  Our need is obvious and I trust God to provide but he also tells me to ask – “You have not because you ask not.”  So I ask God in heaven to provide knowing He has prepared some to give before I even wrote this letter.

         If God has prepared you to give and puts it on your heart to give at this time, your faithfulness to Him is appreciated by the Survivors.

          Please give as God guides.  Every gift large and small is received with thankfulness and will be used to fight for life.

          Thank you again for letting me share our situation and our plans for the February 11th national Defund Planned Parenthood protest.  Please join one in your area.  For locations go here

           Hope to hear from you soon or see you again on the front lines!

           Your Friend for Life,

            Jeff White

            Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.

           P.S.  Planned Parenthood has won a battle and rejoices in our loss.  We are broke and are scheduled to be evicted February 28th.  Tough times.  If Planned Parenthood looks, they will see a smile on our face and that smile should worry them.  For we have made our appeal to heaven and He will rule justly.  And we know he has prepared some to give so we may continue in this fight.  So we smile and press on – next battle – February 11th!  Please join us if you can and if God has put it on your heart to give please do.  Forward and God’s speed to you.

 Then having done everything to stand – Stand Firm!

 Has God put it on your heart to give today to see the work of Survivors continue?  Can you smile as you give generously knowing God has and will provide?  If so, I encourage you to give today as God leads.  If not – don’t give today.  Maybe another time.  Today I only want those to give who feel God has directed them.  Not out of compulsion but with a trusting faithfulness He will reward your sacrifice.  Thank you for your generosity and your prayers.


Yes Jeff, I can give with a smile knowing God has and will provide.  I will give:

 35      50      75      100      500      1000      other$________