Message from the Founder's Desk: We Will Give Planned Parenthood A Bold Cup of Joe

Dear Friend,

         We didn’t file an appeal of our eviction.  Why?  That’s a fair question.  

          I can tell you this – I certainly wanted to!  I didn’t want to give Planned Parenthood the satisfaction of getting away with lying on the stand and getting us evicted from our office directly across the street from them.

          But here is the reality:  We were not guaranteed a stay, meaning we might have to move anyway.  We could have been made to post a bond of tens of thousands of dollars.  If we lost the appeal, we could have been stuck paying attorney fees for Planned Parenthood’s minion attorneys.

         As a leader, I have to make difficult decisions all the time.  I must measure our resources.

         In the end, I did not want to put Cheryl Conrad at risk, because she was the guarantor on the lease and everything would have shown on her credit report and she ultimately would have been liable for it.  Plus, Life Legal Defense Foundation was buried in very serious fights that this case would have interfered with.

Strategically, only my pride said “Go forward!”

         So as the deadline drew near I finally made the call and told everyone to start packing.

         We moved everything into a 40-foot storage container as we don’t have the money right now to rent a new office.

         It was a sad day indeed.

        We worked until late in the evening last night and will be gone completely by the time you get this letter.  Now I only have one thing to say to Planned Parenthood:

Here!  Have a big cup of Joe!

         Yes indeed – one big cup of Joe Salant, our new Campus Outreach Director!

         On the day of the National Protest Planned Parenthood we organized in San Bernardino there were pro-abortion activists counter protesting.  Joe Salant was like an attack dog – ready to defend his faith and prosecute the case for life with the pro-aborts, actively engaging them at every turn.

         I actually got angry with Joe because we had an event to lead, but he couldn’t help himself and kept walking back over to engage the pro-abortion activists.

         Joe is a trained apologist and knows the pro-life arguments and the God-ordained philosophy of life and its meaning.  Joe was silencing them one by one as he challenged their worldview.  

         Joe knows he has been called to this fight and Planned Parenthood should be worried for he is a dedicated warrior – more than dedicated – He is called!

Joe Salant featured on CBN's "The Brody File" 


          Here is Joe’s story in his words:

        “But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise...” 1 Cor. 1:27

         My call to ministry is epitomized by this verse.  By all accounts, I am exactly the kind of person the Lord Jesus selects to represent Him in the public square because of how obviously it points to Him when anything goes right.

         Born to financially well-off, worldly intellectual parents, both of whom are well-known professionals in the field of psychology, I never wanted for anything in early life.  My parents loved me very much and raised me the best they could according to their worldview of secular humanism and 21st century American liberalism.

        I pretty much got whatever I wanted and never recall being disciplined for misbehavior.  It was a kid’s dream that turned into a nightmare fast when I reached the age of accountability and had none to speak of.

        As soon as I hit driving age, my parents bought me a brand new sports car, which I wrapped around a telephone pole driving warp speed in the rain, high on marijuana.  My parents expressed slight annoyance and promptly bought me another car a few weeks later.

        I corrupted my younger brother and took him on trips with me to buy cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin at wholesale prices in Spanish Harlem to ruin the rest of the rich kids in our hometown of Princeton, New Jersey.

        I tried my hand at gangster rap music, messed with drug prescription forgery and generally displayed no moral compass whatsoever.  After all, if the physical universe was all there is, all there ever was, and all there will be, then a human being is nothing more than an accidentally developed advanced primate.

         This was my worldview growing up in the mecca of American leftism.  I was following that worldview to its logical conclusion, but mostly I was just acting a fool.  The party came to a screeching halt when I got in trouble with the law for writing fake prescriptions.  A warrant was put out for my arrest in New Jersey and my parents paid an exorbitant sum to keep me out of jail, sending me to a fancy liberal young adult treatment facility in Southern California.

         I left the facility within a few weeks, saving my parents probably another few hundred thousand bucks it would have cost if I stayed through the duration of the program and started running the streets of Riverside, California with some serious players in the Crystal Methamphetamine industry.

         It was during this window of time that I realized my worldview of naturalism and secular humanism was false.  Seeing the evil of the world of meth abuse rocked my foundational understanding of reality.

         What I saw and experienced was nothing short of absolute wickedness, far more debase than my little party circuit with high schoolers and college kids in Jersey.  I delivered meth to a husband who paid for it by renting the sexual services of his wife to the local manufacturer.

         It was just so objectively wrong - wrong even if all parties believed it was right.  That just didn’t fit with the moral relativism I’d grown up with.  

          Along the lines of a C.S. Lewis conversion experience, I innately knew there must have been something (or Someone) showing me that moral absolutes existed and were significant for human flourishing.  And that moral standard had to come from outside the human race, because otherwise a majority of dissenters could simply vote it out of existence or change it to something quite the opposite (Was slavery acceptable when it was accepted?).

         I also experienced the presence of dark entities I fathomed were what the Bible refers to as demons.  Though such experiences obviously could be viewed subjectively, I knew I was going through things completely incompatible with the worldview that the physical universe was all there was (metaphysical naturalism).

         I began to realize the supernatural was real, and if the moral standard and these evil entities were real, then it was probable God (whoever He was), existed as well. My deliverance from this lifestyle of foolishness and evil came in the back of a police car, on my way to jail for a violation of my parole (I completed an eight month term in prison only a few months prior).

         I was fresh off a week of partying with meth cooks and suddenly in the back of that squad car everything hit me at once - hard. I felt something very demonic coming for my soul, mind, and sanity. I was being tormented, possibly experiencing what may have been a taste of eternal separation from God.

         Just when I was about to slip into darkness, I remembered that God must exist if evil did, and cried out from the depth of my being for His help. To my amazement and instant relief, I felt a peace flood through my body, healing me of the drug induced state and heard the name of JESUS clear as day in my thoughts.

         I knew something of the utmost importance had occurred. I realized everything in my life would change that moment, in the back of the police car, when God rescued me from going over the edge and revealed Jesus as the only One with the power to do so.

         After my conversion experience, I spent the next six months in jail working out the implications of what it meant for me to be a Christian. It was diametrically opposed to my upbringing in the worldview of secular humanism and 21st century American liberalism.  

         I knew my intellectual, secular parents loved me and would accept the new me, perhaps even embrace it as the subjective experience that saved their beloved son. However, I really thought there must be evidence.  I stumbled upon actual objective truth in the Christian worldview, truth that, according to the Law of Non-Contradiction, repudiates conflicting assertions about the nature of reality.

         If this evidence did not exist, then I didn’t see a reason to believe the tenets of Christianity at all.  I felt that I’d found truth, and “true for me” simply wasn’t going to work.  The only reason I could accept to live as a Christian in post-Christian America was if Christianity was true.

         Immediately, I purposed to find out if my new Christian faith was supported by facts. I ravenously read through the entire NIV Study Bible, commentary and all.  I immersed myself in Christian apologetics, starting with Evidence that Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell, Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis, and The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel.

         I found some of the interrogatives posed by Strobel to the scholars he interviewed for his book to be the same ones I used to mock the veracity of Christianity and the New Testament.  I was shocked at how easily the secularist attacks on the Christian worldview were dismantled.

         It was through this time of preparation in biblical studies and apologetics, in jail and then at a Christian Men’s Home for the next two years I would realize my calling as an ambassador of truth to a culture of deception.

         I was convinced that the Lord Jesus was going to use me in some capacity to demonstrate the foolishness of the worldview of secular humanism; by commandeering a fool such as myself as a tool to shame the wise.

         I went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in theology and was certified as an apologist with Reasons to Believe.  

         Along the way, I discovered a call to use rap music as a vehicle to reach young people with the message of Jesus applied to our decaying culture.  

         For better part of the past decade, I’ve been teaching systematic apologetics in churches, youth camps, retreats and performing Christian, Conservative contemporary music along with it. My single aim is to do everything I can to re-establish classical Christian theism as the dominant worldview in our culture.

          I am especially working to subversively find ways to get the truth of the Christian message and its practical application into the rising generation of Americans, those who have had nothing but indoctrination in our school system and media industrial complex with the worldview of secular humanism (man created God, government assigns rights, morality is relative, etc.).

I am particularly passionate about abolishing abortion

         I am utterly convinced the sixty-million defenseless little babies (fetus = Latin for “little baby”) ruthlessly poisoned, tortured and dismembered to death in abortion clinics (unjustly legal since Roe v. Wade in 1973), are nothing less than the ghastly logical consequences of the secular humanist worldview in practical application.

         As an apologist, it’s my position that if Christianity is true, then it’s true to total reality, and those that bear the message of Christian truth must bear it in all areas of life and all areas of life equally.

         From my earliest days in apologetics ministry, I committed to learning and using pro-life apologetics.  I am equipping and commissioning American believers to do our part to end quite possibly the greatest social injustice the world has ever seen.  

         One baby every twenty-five seconds is legally, brutally murdered in the nation whose birth certificate (The Declaration of Independence) states unequivocally that the right to life is inalienable and comes from the hand of the Creator Himself.

         My calling is to educate youth on cultural issues, American founding principles and Christian worldview apologetics.  

         To that end, my latest music, is written in the spirit of the words spoken by the seventeenth century Scottish insurrectionist Andrew Fletcher: “I don’t care who writes the laws of the nation as long as I write the songs.”

My calling is to encourage, equip and empower American youth to reject and rebel against the establishment status quo and bald faced deception of 21st century American liberalism.

         I’m trying to do my part to influence the rising generation of Americans against the worldview that ensnared me, and to show that living out Christian truth in the public square, against the wishes of the secular establishment, is the best way to channel the spirit of youthful rebellion.

         Currently I travel the country with the American Renewal Project, equipping and encouraging American pastors to get involved in politics and make a bold stand for Jesus in the culture wars.

         I am proud to be the Outreach Director for this bold,

        ministry dedicated to ending abortion -- Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust!!!

         Survivors is committed to using abortion victim photography to put a human face on the horrors of the American Abortion Holocaust.  The work of Survivors is to equip and educate and activate the rising generation in the fight for life!

         The work of Survivors shows me I was born for this fight in this day!!

          God uses foolish people like me to shame all the sophisticated, worldly types who shake their fists and seethe with rage at the Deity they say doesn’t exist.  I look forward to partnering with you in the war for the soul of our nation and the future of our children.

         When I see the fight for life led by Survivors, I cry out:  Here I am Lord – Send me!!!

Like I said:  Here Planned Parenthood – Have a big cup of Joe!!

          Survivors may have been evicted and not have enough money to rent our next facility but God gave us Joe.

          Joe knows times are tough and even his salary is not guaranteed but Joe is in the fight for the long haul – this is his passion, this is his calling, this is his generation’s turn to make history!

          So here we are.  Beaten back to a 40-foot storage container full off pro-life tools – and I smile again.  I know God will move us forward at His good pleasure in His good time.

          I am confident He will restore our finances as I and the Survivors do our part to buckle down and fight with what we have.

          I am asking you to support the Survivors in this difficult time – not in pity – for we are excited for the future – but rather give with anticipation as God prepares us for our next offensive.  We were evicted for being a nuisance but Planned Parenthood hasn’t seen anything yet!

          Please give a special gift in this critical time.  The battle rages and our hunkering down is but for a very short season – Lord willing.  We will be back in this fight with all our energy and with God’s truth and power going before us.

            I swallowed my pride and moved our office out because God was not lessened by our eviction and He will show Himself strong in the coming days.  His glorious voice shall say “Go Forward!” and with your help today we will be prepared to do just that.

            We will give Planned Parenthood and her defenders a great big, strong in Christ, cup of Joe!!!  Please help us serve it up hot with a special gift today.  Thank you.

Your friend for Life,

Jeff White


Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

PS.  Yes, we have been evicted, pushed back into a 40-foot storage container, Planned

Parenthood is gloating.  But God has given someone He called for such a time as this.  Please give a sacrificial gift today as we prepare a new offensive and say to Planned Parenthood – Have a cup of Joe, on us!!!  

Yes Jeff, I would love to give today so the Survivors can offer Planned Parenthood a big bold cup of Joe!  Praying for God's guidance for your next offensive. I would like to give: 

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