VICTORY! False charges dropped against Survivors Founder, Jeff White!

Yesterday, Life Legal Senior Counsel Allison Aranda was in court on behalf of Jeff White, founder of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, a nationwide faith-based organization that equips young people to advocate for human life in the womb. Jeff was distributing leaflets for a pro-life congressional candidate in a church parking lot when he was surrounded by the church’s security team. At least four large men harassed Jeff and beat him to the ground, resulting in extensive injuries to his head. Only then did they call the police—to press charges against Jeff!

Officers arrested Jeff and charged him with battery, based solely on the statements of the security team.

Life Legal obtained a video of the incident, which shows that Jeff was cornered by the security guards, who ignored his plea to immediately call the police. Instead, they assaulted him and then alleged that he was the aggressor.

The incident occurred in November of last year. Since then, Aranda has argued that this was a false arrest and that the security team initiated the confrontation. At yesterday’s hearing, all charges against Jeff were dropped!

“We are appalled that a prolife activist would be attacked in this way simply because he was handing out literature,” said Life Legal Defense Foundation Executive Director Alexandra Snyder. “It took several months, but we are pleased that the court finally delivered justice for Jeff White.”

Life Legal is currently evaluating options on behalf of Jeff White going forward.

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Life Legal Senior Counsel Allison Aranda has been a lead attorney for the Survivors over the years and has trained numerous campers at our Survivors Pro-Life Training Camps. This year she will continue her training on our legal rights as advocates for the preborn!