A Revolution in Pro-Life Activism

It is time for a revolution in pro-life activism!

Our colleges have been captured by extremists!

Today, being pro-life or a Christian on campus is like being black in the 1960's. 

Today, the only place to be safe is in schools for Coloreds Only- we call them Christian Colleges. And even there the oppression and influence of the outside world is felt.

There is another way to be safe on college campuses . . .

. . . be silent!!!

Don't share your beliefs, don't talk about loving life and preborn babies. No, you sit still and listen to everything your liberal professors want to cram down your throat!Our young people are told to accept that abortion is a moral positive. That it is all about women's rights and social justice and equality. But that is a lie!

And Martin Luther King said: "A lie cannot live."

Abortion is a lie that must not live! Because that lie leads to the death of millions of preborn babies every year. 

Can I give you a piece of sad news?

Abortion rates among those who identify as Christian is nearly the same as those who don't. Why is that? Well, for starters our young people are often not taught what abortion is at church, home, or school.

Oh, they may have a general idea that abortion is wrong, maybe even a grave sin, but they don't really comprehend the evil of abortion. Then when they get to college and realize they are today's "coloreds" they are at best - silent. 

Their beliefs are not convictions and all too often they fall to the false ideals of today's liberals.

A Revolution Is Coming!

If indeed being pro-life is like being black in the 1960's, then we must find the courage the civil rights leaders had in the 1960's.

My friend Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., told me about the day her home was bombed by those opposing civil rights for blacks. She was only a child, but someone hated enough to blow up her home and if possible, her family. 

The men and women of the civil rights movement faced tremendous risk of life and limb but they would not be silent!!!

Alveda King, a pro-life hero and activist said, "Abortion and racism are evil twins, born of the same lie. Where racism now hides its face in public, abortion is accomplishing the goals of which racism only once dreamed."

There it is again - the same evil lie! Will we be silent?

Will we, will our young people be silent? 

The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust will not be silent!

The Survivors call on young people to stand up, to look to the creative minds and the boundless energy God has given them and to take a stand in their day!!!

It is their turn to make History!

It is time for silence to end. 

It is time for cowering before those who promote the killing of children to end.

It is time our young people act like they believe that abortion is the evil of their day.

It is time for them to stand against that evil and to win the day with truth and love!

It is time to affirm the words Martin Luther King said, "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality."

It is time for a revolution in pro-life activism!!!

It is time for . . .

Fetal Uprising!!!

Fetal Uprising is a no holds barred, in your face, unapologetic attack on the lie that abortion is a social or moral good!!!

Abortion is evil - period. 

But how do we begin this revolution?

In theory, our numbers are great; so many students do indeed hold pro-life beliefs.

In reality, those with pro-life convictions are few. And those willing to suffer for those convictions are fewer still.

So how can we wage an effective war against the killing of preborn babies?

Fetal Uprising has a plan!!!

The Fetal Uprising will use strategies and tactics first developed by the civil rights leaders of old and combine them with many of the tactics of today's leftists.

We will add to those tactics a ton of today's technology!!!

But the most important ingredients Fetal Uprising will add to the strategies, tactics, and technology are truth and love as defined by God.

Fetal Uprising is going to focus on college campuses and public forums.

Someone might say: "But there are already campus pro-life groups on campuses across the country."

Yes, there are a good number of campus pro-life groups and clubs.

But Fetal Uprising is not about a college group or club!

Groups and clubs have meetings and treasurers and secretaries and more meetings and pro-life cupcake sales and sock drives and other nice attempts to get the pro-life message out. Always nice and never wanting to offend. I applaud their efforts.

But Fetal Uprising is not about being nice.

Abortion is evil.

Fetal uprising is going to expose the evil of abortion and challenge even those who don't want to think about it to be forced to do just that.

You cannot wait for people to want to change, they will not come to you! You must confront them with truth.

So how is Fetal Uprising different?

Fetal Uprising only needs one student.

That's right - one student.

One student with the right tactics and tools!

Fetal Uprising is not going to play by the rules

We will take that one student and teach him or her to act with courage and audacity!

We will equip that student with modern tools of activism, many snatched from the leftists themselves. With wit and creativity that student will be able to single handedly create a stir on his or her campus!!!

But how?

Lauren Handy, a creative dedicated young woman spent the last year working and researching with Cheryl Conrad the tactics of social resistance.

They have gathered a comprehensive collection of some of the most effective tools used in years past and some of the cutting edge technology used today.

Survivors are going to take this training online and recruit students to join Fetal Uprising and demand an end to abortion without exception and without apology.

Fetal Uprising is not going to play fair.

Fetal Uprising is not going to be nice.

Fetal Uprising is going underground .

But how?!?!?

Let me give you one example. 

Introducing Guerrilla Projection!!!

Imagine, it is 5 p.m. on a university campus. The early setting of the winter sun makes the campus a dark quiet place. Students mill around, engaged in conversations or walking to dorms.

Suddenly a flash of light on the wall of a building catches their attention.

There are words on the wall! Everyone stops to look at it as it dances and flashes its message. It is asking a question . . .

Is abortion evil?

The words are large and bright but the question is even bigger.

Students stop and stare.

Within just a few minutes it is gone.

What was that, they wonder. 

Then the questions hits home and they talk amongst themselves. What do you think? They ask each other. Most dismiss it and go on about their way.

Suddenly another wall lights up.

Is killing a child evil?

Suddenly some start to get angry. The dots are beginning to be placed and they are connecting them. Finally, one last flash upon the wall brings it full circle.

Does abortion kill a child?

The lights are gone but the debate has just begun. 

Then around the corner the same light display is reaching a different group of students.

And evening after evening these light displays pop up over and over. Sometimes the pictures of abortion victims randomly appear but for only a moment for it only takes a moment for the mind's eye to see and understand what is going on.

In time the liberals will begin to freak out.

They will not like losing control of the debate. They will demand the perpetrators be arrested but there are no laws violated.

That won't stop them from trying to create some arrestable offense.

This is why we are only looking for the most courageous to join Fetal Uprising!

Again, I turn to the words of Martin Luther King:

"There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right."

Fetal uprising is looking for that rare one.

That is just one tactic but a tactic we believe will be very effective.

The Socratic Method lays bare the truth of a subject by continually asking questions. We know the answers to the questions above. They are Yes, Yes and Yes!

But many students have never asked themselves that question.

Pro-abortion students will scream women's rights, equality and a right to choose.

The next night the guerilla projection might ask:

Is it a woman's right to kill a child?

Questions, questions, questions.

I believe in the Socratic Method because I believe the image of God is written on every heart. And many students will have been taught right from wrong at home and at church.

It is the prayer of Fetal Uprising that students will be confronted with questions of truth and that boldness will be birthed within them.

A boldness to say Yes! Abortion is Evil! Yes! Killing a child is wrong! Yes! Abortion is the killing of a child and No! It is not a woman's right, or at least it should not be, to kill a child.

This is but one tactic Fetal Uprising will be using but it is one of my favorites. The equipment to carry out this tactic can easily be handled by one student.

But I also know this - If I find that one student he or she will attract other likeminded students and even if it is only two or three students together they can bring the discussion of abortion to every student's lips!

This is one of over 200 tactics and methods that have been compiled by Cheryl and Lauren.

I am going.

I so believe in this project that I am personally going on the road to train up even an individual student in the tactics of Fetal Uprising!

I have videos and training materials that I will share. Then I will spend a day with that one or more students giving them the encouragement and modeling for them the courage and fun of leading a resistance movement.

Fetal Uprising will have its own YouTube channel and Twitter account.

Fetal uprising will use social media to spread the word not only about 

Fetal Uprising but to also spread the message of hope that indeed one person can make a difference and have a huge impact for life!

Here are two examples of Guerrilla projection from our Dallas training camp. I loved the blank wall next to Planned Parenthood. It made the perfect set up to expose Planned Parenthood for who they are and what they do! The other was the apartment building of abortionist Curtis Boyd. 

Here are some examples of larger guerrilla projections by leftist groups. I believe Fetal Uprising projections will have greater impact because abortion is so controversial. But don't you just love it!

And may we never forget the low tech but unbelievably effective sidewalk chalk and spray chalk.

Fetal Uprising strikes again!!!!

Unless I want to take the time to write a book I cannot share the hundreds of tactics and creative ideas in store for the Fetal Uprising resistance!

Let me just say we are not going to play fair. We are not going to allow the silence on campus to reign any longer!

The cries of the preborn babies and their defenders will be heard!

Fetal Uprising will be in the face of silent oppression and on the walls and sidewalks and bathrooms and libraries and public forums and private meetings.

Please join me in this new fight!

Help me lead the Survivors in the new resistance. Help me teach even one young person how to have an impact on their campus! Help me introduce and recruit for ...

Fetal Uprising!!!

I will need your help like never before. I will need your help to equip each student with not only training but real equipment! 

I am going on the road and I will be holding trainings wherever I am needed. I am asking you to help make this possible by giving generously and joining this resistance by helping me to get the funding necessary.

I believe this can spread like wildfire!

But I need your help today to get the resources needed to make this a reality. We will be testing many of these new tactics and strategies at our Survivors Training Camp in San Francisco. 

This is going to be one exciting year. 

Will you join the resistance? Every successful resistance had backers. Those who make it all possible. The youth have the time and the energy and the boldness, will you join me in supplying the tools they need?

I have been taught that if your plan is bold ask boldly. I have been in pro-life leadership for over 30 years and not since the days of Operation Rescue sit-ins have I felt so enthusiastic about a time such as this.

So bold I will be.

The largest gift Survivors has ever received is $25,000. My friend, if you are still out there - we need you!

That was only one time. We have received some gifts of $10,000 or $5000 or $1000 or $500 on a few occasions. My friend, if that was you - we need you again! 

Still, every month we get gifts of $35, $50, $75, $100 and it is these faithful gifts that keep the Survivors on the road and on the frontlines - these gifts sustain us. Please, if you can give today - give the best gift you can.

I am 60 years old now and my energy is not what it was 30 years ago when I led Operation Rescue. But my zeal is still there and my years of experience and even my past of being jailed for the preborn will hopefully impart wisdom, courage and boldness to these young people.

I am willing to go. I am willing to lead.

And if you are willing to equip, we will see a revolution born on campuses all across this country! We will see the resistance born. We will see a . . .

Fetal Uprising!!!

I am asking you with all boldness and with all my heart to join me in this new advance in college activism. Please give the best gift you can today and join the resistance!

There is so much preparation needed, not only in developing the and getting ready to train but there is technical preparation also as we seek to make every tool imaginable - available!

We are counting on the imagination and energy of these young people.

I want to train these students, equip them and then I want to unleash them!!!

It will be an exciting year and you have an opportunity today to be a part of this revolution from the beginning. Please give generously today.

It is the resistance - it is Fetal Uprising - it is a revolution!
Join with me today and give the best gift you can today, and we can and will launch the Fetal Uprising.

Your friendly revolutionary,

Jeff White

Founder of Survivors

Leader of Fetal Uprising

P.S. The time has come to end the silence about abortion on college campuses. It is time to equip even one bold young person to be a loud and interrupting voice on his or her campus. The days of playing fair are over. It is time for a revolution, it is time for the resistance, it is time for a Fetal Uprising! Please join me in making this revolution possible, give today and join the resistance. Give today and be a part of the Fetal Uprising!