George Orwell’s 1984 was a cautionary tale – Not a training manual!

I just dropped my son off at college, a very liberal college. My son wanted to go there to make his way in the topsy-turvy university and be a light and a force for change.

As a parent, I am worried. I know my son has the grounded faith necessary to defend his beliefs, I know he has been trained to debate in a hostile environment.

Still, the Devil prowls like a roaring lion according to 1 Peter 5:8. The bible commends us to be sober minded –watchful.

Please keep my son in your prayers.

God often does this to me, tests my own commitments by putting my own children where I lead others.

Once, when I led 8 of my youth group to go into full time missions work, I faced backlash from some parents. “What are you afraid of?” I would ask parents.

Then God sent some of my children to Botswana, Western China, Poland, Japan and numerous other foreign countries. I felt the fear and concern. Yet my commitment to missions remains.

Now it is Fetal Uprising!

Sending students in small groups to fight against the modern Orwellian university education center.

My son is part of Fetal Uprising, as are a growing number of college and high school students.

They have a big fight ahead of them and my prayer is that we can continue to be their support system.

Recently, during a Fetal Uprising “action” one of the young people wrote in chalk on the sidewalk:

“1984 was not a training manual”

That got me thinking: What our young Survivors face today is best described as Orwellian.

Like 1984’s Oceania, schools can’t stand dissidents and will ruthlessly pursue our pro-life, Christian dissidents.

Language restriction is one loony idea our colleges want to force upon students. College Newspeak intends to force young adults to “speak correctly”. This may be as small as asking a fellow student what pronoun he or she prefers to be called. (By the way, my use of he or she would be a violation of some school speech codes!)

Created by the crazy totalitarian state, Newspeak is a truncated version of English, where words are strung together and abbreviated to create new words.

Then there are the over-broad limitations on speech such as micro-aggressions, potentially offensive phrases, disproportionate impact and outright banning of references to God.

Imagine how radical it is to believe all life is sacred?

In the new Orwellian land we call universities, our young people face being ostracized and mocked for their faith and their scientifically held belief that life begins at conception and their religious belief that all life is sacred.

This is why we need Fetal Uprising!!! In the book 1984 one of my favorite lines is:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

That is what Fetal uprising is! A revolution!

Fetal Uprising is subversive to liberal anti-science anti-life, anti-Christian and anti-God constructs.

The “actions” of Fetal Uprising will at times be bold and illuminating and at other times soft and thought provoking.

My current favorite request is for 1000 stuffed animals!

Yes, 1000 stuffed animals. Why? This Fetal Uprising operative wants to leave them abandoned throughout the university with hand made little signs attached to each one saying: Will you adopt me? My child was aborted and I never got the chance to love or be loved. Please take me home and love me.

As the stuffed animals appear in dorm rooms, a buzz will begin to stir. Who is doing this? There will be anger at the inference that abortion takes a child’s life. Then Fetal uprising will announce a “Save the stuffed animals, stop abortion” day.

I love it!

Now I just need to find out how to get 1000 stuffed animals!

This is where I am asking for your help. I don’t know what creative ideas these young people will devise but I want to be able to help and supply them as much as possible.

This type of creative outreach, along with guerrilla projection, will give a platform for conversations about abortion.

We can win the debate about abortion. Through science, love, and logic we can demonstrate that abortion, the evil of our day, must end!

But without our support for bold and creative activism their efforts may go nowhere or worse yet, never get past the planning stage.

Our students can do their part to end abortion by engaging in civil disobedience against their respective universities. Radicals did it in the 1960s and succeeded. There’s no reason pro-life students shouldn’t do it in this decade to make their voices heard.

Fetal Uprising is a movement –Not an organization!

This is critical.

Organizations grow fat. Salaries and structure encumber their efforts. Of course, I realize Survivors is indeed an organization and I have done all I can to keep the organization lean and mean but is still true to some degree even of us.

This is why I want Fetal Uprising to only be a movement, a platform for radical, creative activism.

It is also why Survivors is needed right now.

With your help, we can equip these young people with the tools and props they need and request. We can make their creative plans come true!

I want Survivors to be the Fetal Uprising supply depot!

This is a movement we will see grow as one creative event spurs on and inspires another creative event and then on and on until the impact of Fetal Uprising becomes a national discussion.

This will not happen overnight. But the work begins now.

In fact, your support at these early stages is even more critical. There are less than a dozen Fetal Uprising students. They are few in numbers but bold and creative!

Your gift and support in these early stages will be the reason this effort succeeds! Will you give today?

Your gift may buy some stuffed animals or a video player or small skeleton heads (another idea we can talk about later!) –you name it! I don’t know what the next request will be and I hope they continue to surprise me and imagine all kinds of creative actions.

Whatever it is I want to be able to say YES and supply their need.

Remember these “actions” are meant for social media distribution where thousands upon thousands will be reached with these innovative “actions” for life.

Will you give today? Your gift of $35 $50 $75 or $100 will be used effectively and creatively and will continue to give for years on social media.

And if you are able we would be blessed if you can give a gift of $500, $1000, $5000 or more and become a virtual supply depot for the Fetal Uprising.

The “actions” are beginning on universities across the nation please be a part of the revolution and give generously today!

For the Fetal Uprising,

Jeff White

P.S. School is in and the fight is on. Help our young people fight the 1984 Orwellian control at our universities where speaking the truth is a revolutionary act!