No! Don't Talk to Al Jazeera! No! Don't Talk to the BBC!"

No!  Don’t talk to Al Jazeera!  No! Don’t talk to the BBC!  Why did many tell us this?  Because they believed the liberal media hates conservative pro-lifers and they are worried they will lie about the Survivors.

Now I am not naive, but there two things I do believe in and even though I agree the liberal media is not our friends, I believe.

I believe our young people are sincere and transparent and good teens and college students. I was confident their goodness would come out.

I also believed our camp would take those great young people and teach them to be truthful, bold, loving and well educated on the topic of abortion.  Which would make them powerful ambassadors for life!

Watch the videos below, they are great!

These are not our friends, these are people who told me right up front they were pro-choice. The BBC even called their documentary -- Brainwashing Stacey!

The portion of the Al Jazeera video that features Survivors is only about five minutes.  The BBC Brainwashing Stacey video is 45 minutes.

These both aired all around the world.  

Take a look and also read the Al Jazeera newspaper article -- I think it is the best article we have ever had written.

Watch and read these media accounts of the Survivors Summer Training Camp and you will understand why leaders from around the country consider it the best youth training camp in the nation and why many send their own teens and students to our camp.

Enjoy, and then join us or send someone to camp this summer in San Francisco!

View the BBC “BRAINWASHING STACEY” documentary:

View the clip from the Al Jazeera "THE ABORTION WAR" documentary: