Hillary's America, Aguilar's District

Hillary's America, Aguilar's District

With racial tensions peaking and elections in sight, the documentary, Hillary's America: The secret history of the Democratic Party, has arrived just in time.  Director Dinesh D’Souza’s intellect and patriotism shine, factually exposing the Democratic party’s dirty secret that they have historically oppressed the working class while taking credit for liberties and civil rights for which the Republican party fought and gave their lives.

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No Mas Planned Parenthood, No Mas Pete Aguilar

No Mas Planned Parenthood, No Mas Pete Aguilar

On July 18, 2016, a press conference was held in San Bernardino, CA with local pro-life leaders and 31st district congressional candidate Paul Chabot. Ryan Hagan, writing for the Sun, summarized the press conference in his article "Paul Chabot, others protest against abortion, Pete Aguilar."  As a Latina woman present at the press conference, I wish to clarify some common misconceptions that were embedded in his article:  

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Be on the frontlines for God this summer !

Be on the frontlines for God this summer !

Dear Friend,    

Are you a Cristero -- A Christ follower?  Join us this summer and fall as we fight for the lives of pre-born babies under the banner of our Savior Jesus Christ!  Whether it is a weekend, 10 days, or all summer, there are many exciting ways to be on the frontlines of the fight for life. Here are some great opportunities to serve God this summer:  

  • Resistance Team
  • Cristeros Missions Campaigns
  • ProLife Training Camp
  • Volunteers Needed for Camp!
  • Our Outreach Calendar
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Evangelical Pastor, Catholic Priest Agree On At Least One Thing

Evangelical Pastor, Catholic Priest Agree On At Least One Thing

Lots of good Christian people want to vote their values.  But in this chaotic world that’s easier said than done.  Which values should we vote?  Are some more important than others?  What if there’s no “viable options” to vote your values?  Some of these decisions are easier than others and here’s a consensus among Christian leaders on some of them.

In this article, posted below, Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside encourages Christians to be informed about and vote in accordance with these Biblical values: pro-life and pro-family.  

“This is personal for me, for I was conceived out of wedlock. I’m so glad my mother carried me to term. I want a president who understands this and will stand up for the unborn.”  

We at Survivors agree wholeheartedly with Pastor Greg here!  

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No Mas Planned Parenthood Appeal

No Mas Planned Parenthood Appeal

Dear Friend,

            Tell me if I’m wrong, I wish I were, but the Republicans do not have a plan to reach the Hispanic voter!!!

            I grew up in an Irish Catholic neighborhood – we were Democrats – I joke that a Democratic Party voter registration card came with our birth certificates.

            But something happened after the time of Kennedy and the Democratic Party moved away from the family and led the fight for abortion.  Soon there were Republicans in our neighborhood and as the Democratic Party slid further and further into a moral abyss, more and more Catholic Democrats became Republicans.

Let me state without equivocation:  I am not endorsing any political party!

I don't care to get involved in politics - I say vote your faith, for the protection of the preborn and the defense of the family!

Now, our Italian Catholic neighbors also began to desert the Democratic Party for their godless moral policies, as did other Catholic ethnic groups.

But there is one glaring exception!!!

The Hispanic community!

It sickens me as I watch Republicans and conservatives dance around the Hispanic community – or worse ignore the Hispanic community.


Because Republicans and conservatives wrongly believe that immigration is the only thing that matters to the Hispanic community.

They are dead wrong!!!

My Grandmother was 100% Hispanic, Juaquina Robles.  My mother and father, from Tucson, Arizona, spoke Spanish fluently, together they had 11 children.  I grew up in the Mexican and Irish Catholic family culture.

I loved it.

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Don't let her age or size fool you. She is a born leader - courageous and passionate!

Don't let her age or size fool you. She is a born leader - courageous and passionate!

   Meet Zaira Perez.  Today she is 16 years old but she has been a leader at Survivors Camp for the last 3 years.  Zaira is fearless and always the first one to raise her hand to volunteer to lead an event. 

     Zaira commands the respect of her fellow campers, all her peers, because she is passionate and not overbearing.  When Zaira makes decisions to move people around during a street event, the other kids know it is because she is trying to make their time more effective.  

     Because "more effective" means more babies' lives are saved! 

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The Ranting Mexican

The Ranting Mexican
DISCLAIMER: The paragraphs are long, the writing unedited, because she is The Ranting Mexican. 

Our current Congressman here in the 31st district of southern California, Pete Aguilar, is running for reelection this November.I have never been particularly into politics.In my younger years I never felt my vote mattered.I believed my opinions were tiny guppies in a sea of sharks.And now I realize, it does matter.Because I believed this for so much of my life, I voted ignorantly, and sometimes didn’t vote at all.My punishment?This guy is in office, making decisions for me, my family, and the community where I am raising them.But reelection is coming.And this time, my voice will be heard…
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Survivors to bring the "No Mas" Campaign to the Citrus Fair: Volunteers Needed!

Survivors will be at the Citrus Fair this year where we will be presenting our new No Mas Planned Parenthood campaign to activate the Hispanic community in the Inland Empire.  Volunteers are needed to man the booth and engage with fair goers on the truth about Planned Parenthood.  

When:  April 20 - 24

Time: Wed & Thurs 4 - 11pm, Fri & Sat 10am - 11pm, Sun noon - 11pm. 

Where:  National Orange Show Event Center, 689 S E St, San Bernardino

To Volunteer:  Contact James Conrad, (909)663-4849, james@survivors.la

#IStandWithDavid against PP political corruption! Will you?

How do you spell political corruption? 

 K-A-M-A-L-A   H-A-R-R-I-S

Earlier this week, David Daleiden's home was raided by the orders of Kamala Harris, the California Attorney General!  

Instead of investigating the criminals (Planned Parenthood), she is going after the one who uncovered the crime (David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress that uncovered the #PPSellsBabyParts scandal)!  Hopefully she watches the footage she stole!

The California AG is supposed to be the State's "chief law officer" with the duty "to ensure that the laws of the state are uniformly and adequately enforced" (California Constitution, Article V, Section 13).  Can anyone say she is uniformly and adequately enforcing the law when it comes to Planned Parenthood?

I wonder why...?

Guess who has consistently given money to Kamala Harris...  That's right - Planned Parenthood!  In fact, Harris is so bold as to solicit petition signatures in support of PP on her Senate website... while she's still the California AG!  

Can anyone deny she's biased?  

We don't think so...  She is definitely in Planned Parenthood's pocket.

That's why next week Survivors will be standing with David and calling upon Kamala Harris to resign her office!  Will you join us?

WHAT:  Anti-Corruption Protest
WHEN: Wednesday, April 13 at 11am
WHERE: Outside the AG's office in Sacramento
ADDRESS: 1300 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814
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Survivors will be taking a van up from Riverside, leaving on Tuesday and returning on Wednesday.  Email us if you would like to ride with us or pick you up along the way.