Urgent Action Alert! One Life LA says No! No! No! to parental notification petitions!

Hello, I have some sad and shocking news and an urgent request!

One Life LA has said No – not just once but three times! 

We need your help to save babies lives at the One Life LA rally and march! 

We need your help because of the Triple No!

No! You may not set up a table to have people sign petitions for the
biggest life-saving opportunity on the California horizon.

No!  We will not encourage people to help from the rally speaker’s podium.

No!  We will not even allow you to be in the permitted
square with clip boards to gather signatures.

One Life LA the Los Angeles California version of the March for Life has slammed the door on the parental notification petition! 

I am shocked!!!  

When asked “Why?” Kevin, second in command, stated: We’re about saving lives?!?!??!?!?

The irony of that statement is mind boggling!

So what do those who love life and are working – not just marching for Life to do?

What do the Church loving, God fearing, Hard-working Christians who are expending themselves in an effort to get this life-saving petition on the ballot do?

Stay home?  Ignore the single greatest opportunity to meet with like-minded people and encourage them to do a simple but effective life-saving act???

No!  One Life LA says No! to acting prolife I say No! to wasting this opportunity for life! 

Oh we could just ignore the life-killing edict and rush on in to the permitted area and face arrest!  Believe me there were several suggestions to do just that!  

But once again I say No! 

This isn’t about One Life LA and their Hollywood Star line-up.  It is about an opportunity to save lives!  This is about getting Parental Notification onto the ballot and saving tens of thousands of babies’ lives!!!

So here is the plan.

We will be meeting on the sidewalk outside the plaza.  We will be distributing petition packs to
everyone we can as they approach the plaza.  This is within 1st amendment guidelines.

We could make this a fight and probably on this point One Life LA deserves to be called out!

But not now – not today.  Right now it is about the babies and saving their lives by getting this petition on the ballot!

Will you help us distribute these petitions?  Do you mind not being a part of the party and just working to save lives on the sidelines of One Life LA?

The Survivors will be meeting at: 526 N. Main St. at crosswalk at Paseo De La Plaza (look for the Survivors banner)

Come join us as we stand in the gap vacated by One Life LA.  The babies need you this Saturday!

Whatever your plans were -- I hope you will adjust them just as I have mine and counter the One Life LA’s decision to turn their backs on the preborn in this critical hour!!!

We can do it.  Please join us this Saturday!!

If you wish to donate to help make these efforts possible – we thank you.  Just click the button below now.

See you at One Life LA hopefully in person. Pray for the Survivors as we respectfully refuse to stop advocating for the preborn and circulating this petition.

Your friend for Life,

Jeff White
Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

Let us know you're coming!  Contact Cheryl Conrad for additional information!

Saturday January 23rd
What: One Life LA
Meeting Time: 10: 30 a.m.
Meeting place: 526 N. Main St. at crosswalk at Paseo De La Plaza
 (look for the Survivors banner)
Contact: Cheryl Conrad