Planned Parenthood Wins! (Video)

Yesterday Survivors suffered a fierce blow from the enemy in the form of an unjust court decision resulting in challenging times ahead. Outreach Director Joe Salant delivers a message from our Founder Jeff White, and addresses fellow warriors in the fight to end the Abortion Holocaust (also see message below). We will not back down to the bully. We will persevere. Survivors will survive. We Appeal to Heaven. If you're not up on the story to this point, here you go

"They may have won the battle but they're not going to win the war. Not this year, not this century, and not in eternity. The Survivors will fight on. We will go to a completely mobile protest center if we need to, but one way or another we will continue to confront Planned Parenthood and will not rest until they are gone. Keep us in your prayers as we begin forming our new strategy." - Jeff White, Founder.