Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do You Hear What I Hear?

It is people singing...How can that be?  

She is in the Los Angeles pit of despair: one square mile of downtown teems with purveyors of deathIndeed, there are ten abortion mills here waiting to strip her womb of the child within.

Are you the voice singing carols for life? Will you be?

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Survivors Campus Outreach Gets Breaking Video of P.P. Worker!

Survivors Campus Outreach Gets Breaking Video of P.P. Worker!

Campus Outreach catches PP on film admitting they're after killing kids because there are "too many", and abortion quotas?

"No," says Planned Parenthood Action Fund, "[Abortion quotas] ...that's not pro-choice at all." 

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Youth Activated: Meet Hannah Newman Mariotti

On Thursday, June 20, Survivors 16th Annual Prolife Training Camp caravanned up to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA, where the administration has just reversed policy and banned abortions at their facilities. 

Well, obviously, you might say: hospitals save lives, right? 

That's the common sense answer. But the truth is, most hospitals in the United States will perform the procedure that brutally dismembers a small human being in his or her mother's womb. 

Now Hoag does save lives.

But on Thursday, a contact reached out to Camp with a flyer describing a pro-abortion protest of this courageous move by Hoag -- to take place at 5:00pm on the corner. 

Survivors disgorged a fiery, excited passal of young people ages 13 to 30 . . . and Hannah Newman, first-time camper, was one of them. And Hannah Newman was one of nearly 70 young women  there to support Hoag -- because abortion demeans, denigrates, and dehumanises women.

Hannah Newman, 17

Hannah Newman, 17

The moment you accept abortion, you take the stance that women are less-than, that women should kill their children to prove their equality with men, that women should risk their health so that men can use them without the responsibility of caring for a child. 

Hannah is the generation that will abolish abortion. 

Hannah took the tools given her in three days of intense training at Camp, and activated a street.  Want to hear the noise the crown made in support of saving  lives?  Want to hear the voice this brave young woman gave to the voiceless preborn? 

(Want to know the age gap between the Survivors and the pro-aborts?  Average Survivor was 17. Average pro-abort was pushing 70.) 

Listen.  This is the voice that will shout down Roe v. Wade.  It is young.  It is loud.

And it survived for a moment such as this. 

Thank you Hoag. And world? Meet Hannah.  

Survivor of the Abortion Holocaust