Youth Activated: Light is On to Abolish Abortion

Do you know what it takes to form a new generation of effective abortion abolitionists? 

Join us daily on Facebook and the blog: This #SurvivorsProLifeTrainingCamp, we're following two or three of our campers on their journey through training and activism to leadership.

Some have come for a second time. 

Some are here for their very first time. 

Some came because they already have a commitment to protecting the preborn -- some because they're curious -- some because they're families have been involved in prolife work for a generation.

By the end of Camp, they are not just interested; not just committed; not just campers -- they are effective, intense, active leaders with the tools to end legalised child-killing in the United States. 

Follow them on their journey through the blog and Facebook -- because they'll be telling you in their words, in real time, how Camp gives them the resource to fight this battle in videos and blogs!


Adam, 16, is one of the many who have returned to camp this year -- an image of the generation that will abolish abortion