Survivors Blast Back Into ABQ; Operation Rescue Exposes Millions of Tax Dollars Given to Late-Term Abortion Through Medicaid

Operation Rescue exposes New Mexico abortion industry receiving millions to subsidize...guess what?  But the ballot is Nov. 19 -- and Survivors is returning to bolster the intense grassroots movement for life  in Albuquerque.

Your vote and your voice, our voice as we travel back to Albuquerque, won’t just save lives here, it will change this nation to one which will stand for life.

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URGENT ACTION NEEDED: #ABQ Tries to Short-Circuit Justice, Deny Voters Chance to Ban Late-Term Abortion!


Activist City Councilor in Albuquerque, Trudy Jones, calls the 20 Week Abortion Ban up for vote in November "unconstitutional" -- and she has introduced a resolution to kill it before it reaches the ballot! 

Contact council members, or if you're in state, October 9, WEDNESDAY at 5pm, come to the meeting and register to speak in opposition to the Jones's underhanded attempt to deny Albuquerque the democratic right to vote to protect its women and children!

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Survivors Join ProLife Leaders, Defy Obamacare Abortion Mandate!

The Affordable Care Act under the Obama Administration is faithful to one tenet: guaranteeing government funded abortion.  We at Survivors, with a coalition of national pro-life leaders, have carefully crafted -- and signed -- a pledge to defy this injustice.

We will not comply. Sign the pledge today! 

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