Born alive to harvest their organs -- It must stop!

Dear Friend,

            I feel like I am in the movie The Island.  In the movie, a man living in a futuristic sterile colony begins to question his circumscribed existence when his friend, played by actress Scarlett Johansson, is chosen to go to the Island, the last uncontaminated place on earth.  In reality, she is about to be a late term abortion.  Which is somewhat ironic since Scarlett Johansson, who in real life is a Planned Parenthood mouthpiece, plays a cloned woman raised for no other purpose than to be used for spare body parts for her real-world counterpart.

            Of course, once she and her co-star find out they are just human parts warehouses they race to expose the evil of The Island, a euphemism for the death that awaits them when their body parts are removed.

            But guess what:  No one believes them!

            This is where I find myself today; people just don’t believe it when I tell them UC San Francisco is doing “In Vivo” abortions – meaning they are delivering the child alive to harvest his or her organs!!

            They look it up online – nothing.  Nothing online means it must not exist and this is the very premise of every movie ever made with which the theme is exposing some hidden evil – IT IS HIDDEN!!!

This is the evil that is hidden: UC San Francisco is delivering live babies, calling it an abortion and then removing the needed pristine body parts for medical experimentation including humanizing mice.

            A recent op-ed published in the Washington Examiner also highlighted that these experiments with the body parts of aborted babies often involve cruel tests on animal subjects. For instance, according to the op-ed, these experiments involves “transplanting intestines removed from 18-24 week-old aborted fetuses onto the backs of 6 to 8-week-old mice,” “implanting thymus glands from aborted human babies into mice” and implanting “intact reproductive tracts from 9.5 to 22-week-old human fetuses, including from a pair of aborted twins, into mice dosed with synthetic estrogen.”  An appalling exploitation of aborted babies.

            Now UCSF might call it scientific research, they might call it medical training, they might call it an abortion, but what it is, is MURDER!  Infanticide!

            As I write this I am torn.  I know that many highly educated friends may read this and be put off because all the medical and legal jargon and footnotes are not here.  Please, bear with me.

All of that is available but it is tedious reading and educated extrapolation and this is why so many find it hard to believe, because for the layman like myself, it all gets confusing.

            So I am eschewing all the medical and legal jargon and am throwing down a gauntlet instead.

This is happening.  We must expose it.

            I am headed to San Francisco in the coming weeks to begin a campaign to:


            First, I am going to begin to document, document, document.

            I am going to reach out to my friends like Dr. New, an adjunct scholar at the CATO Institute, and a fellow at the Witherspoon Institute, and ask for his help to follow the jargon and translate into layman terms what is purposely hidden in medical and scientific verbiage.

            We will need our credentialed friends to deflect the condescending arguments from those in the educational, medical, legal and scientific communities!

            We will need all of our doctors and lawyers and pro-life scientists to fend off the smokescreens the other side will deploy to cover up this crime against humanity!

            And that is what it is – a crime against humanity!

            David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt have already documented the procurement and sale of aborted baby body parts.  We were all outraged but now that outrage has simmered down to a whimper.

            Now David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt find themselves facing felony charges for their documentation of the illegal sale of aborted baby body parts.  And they have a gag order stopping them from speaking out about all they know!  And the media is nowhere to be found.  The silence is deafening!

Know this:  In this fight to expose and end this evil – we will be attacked!

Expect it – it is already happening to David and Sandra and that is just the tip of the iceberg!!!

            There will be character assassinations, phony criminal charges, harassment of the Survivors on campus, probably some illegal arrests, new campus policies created just to counter our efforts to Document, Mobilize, and Expose. 

            Expect it up front, know there will be persecution for daring to speak out.  I do.

All the evidence is available to document what is happening at UC San Francisco.  We are going to find the evidence, compile it and bring it to bear on UCSF!

            Then we must mobilize!

            UCSF is not the only place this crime against humanity is taking place.  It is however the place we must establish our campaign against this human rights violation.

            First, as they say – don’t start a land war in Asia.  UCSF is a geographically smaller campus in a geographically smaller city.  And San Francisco is a major news media market and news made there goes out across the country!

            This smaller footprint will allow us to do more with less and have a greater impact.

            Don’t get me wrong, this is still a major undertaking.  We will need a team on the ground, at the campus and everywhere our documentation leads us.

            We need boots on the ground.  UCSF must see the resistance to this evil.  Medical students on campus must be challenged to publicly take a stand against this evil.

Survivors must be the tip of the spear as they have for over 20 years of pro-life activism!

            At Survivors we like to say we run towards the cries of injustice and those cries have never been louder than the cries of those babies born alive only to be butchered for their organs!

            This mobilization is beginning now and there is no time to waste.  I want a team of bold activists on the UCSF campus at least 4 days a week. 

The mobilization of this team is a first priority and we need to recruit young and old alike to volunteer to be on the frontlines at UCSF.  That mobilization starts now.

            Then we must expose!

            As we document and mobilize it will be for naught if we are not successful in exposing this evil.  Not only exposing the evil of the experimentation itself but also the people involved in doing it.  The doctors and chancellors and nurses and scientists – they all must be exposed!

We need to assemble a social media team to continually push out this story.  We need to target for public exposure anyone and everyone who is a part of this crime against humanity.

And that is what we are calling it:  A crime against humanity – over and over again.

I don’t just want to end these practices – I want to see people go to jail!

            If you search out the worst cases of human experimentation you will find that what is happening at UCSF rivals all but the very worst.  Many of those involved in those experiments were put to death, others went unscathed and continued their medical careers.

            I am starting the call for justice at jailing the perpetrators.  That raises the bar right out the gate!  I want the public to know this is not just another cry against another injustice, this is a crime against humanity and people should go to jail!

            UCSF is a prestigious medical university.  This exposure will rock the halls of this university as we document, mobilize and expose the horror of In Vivo abortions.

            Those involved will find us exposing their action everywhere they go; celebrations, graduations, every public event, on campus and off campus.

            We will employ every tool at our disposal, we will work with any group that wants to help, we will call on our politicians to get involved and end the grants paid for with tax-payer funding!

There will be no rest for anyone involved in this crime against humanity!

            Already we are actively working with Pro-life San Francisco, a secular pro-life organization full of left-wing crazies.  I love them.  They are bringing the animal rights protestors into the fight and offering a totally secular perspective to this battle.

            The director of Pro-life San Francisco, Terrisa Bukonivich is an atheist which is a valuable voice to have on campus.

            Of course, Survivors believes that it is God who will give us this battle and it is our faith in Jesus Christ that compels us to seek justice and to defend the weak, but that doesn’t stop us from being as gentle as doves and as wise as serpents.  Working with Pro-life San Francisco is wise.

            I am headed to San Francisco on November 14, for the UC Board of Regents meeting where I will throw down the gauntlet and announce our campaign.

I know this is a big fight.  UCSF spends more money on toilet paper than Survivors brings in per year in donations and that is perfectly fine with me.  I trust in God’s power and my weakness as the perfect combination.

We may be powerless to stop this injustice right now but we must not fail to protest!

            I am marshalling the forces and building the best alliances I can.  We will Document the crimes against humanity, Mobilize a presence on campus, and Expose this human rights violation and our tax-payer funding.

            I need my friends near San Francisco.  I need your help.  I will be in the San Francisco Bay area November 13 - 16.  I am willing to come to any home or office and speak to individuals or groups to help raise money for this effort.  If you would like to meet or host a meeting to discuss this project and help raise funds and volunteers please let me know.  If you are in Southern California I can meet almost anytime.  Anywhere else in the country – call me.  Please invite me to sit with you or introduce me to your group.

            This is a big fight, it is going to be a long fight and it must be a multi-front fight crossing all generational and social – economic lines.  I need your help. 

            Volunteer, pray and give.  Please, this crime against humanity must end.  This must be a part of tomorrow’s history books.  But I can’t do it without you.

I know we can’t all drop everything we are doing and devote ourselves to this fight but I am going to, I am going to lead Survivors headlong into this battle!

            Will you support this fight?  Will you give today the very best gift you can as I head to the Board of Regents to announce our campaign?

            We will need every gift large and small.  Will you sacrifice with me and give generously to this fight?  Will you tell others and invite me to speak to businessmen and friends?  I will go anywhere I need to.

            Please give today to launch this battle.  Survivors is uniquely equipped to lead the ground troops and to be that tip of the spear.  With your generous gift today we will indeed run towards the cries of injustice.

            Fighting the good fight for Life,

Jeff White,

Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

An Evil so unimaginable -- the biggest obstacle is: No One Will Believe Me!!!

UCSF is aborting babies alive and instead of rushing to save their lives they are harvesting their organs. Unspeakable, unimaginable, and unbelievable indeed.

I need your help today to begin to DOCUMENT the crimes against humanity, MOBILIZE the boots on the ground at UCSF and EXPOSE this evil, tax-payer supported human experimentation.

History will judge us by our response.

I for one want my children and grandchildren to know their father stood up against this evil and spoke out against this atrocity. I go in the name of our and the babies’ creator. I go with expectation of victory.

But win or lose, we must fight.

Here is my gift of:

$35 $50 $75 $100 $250

$500 $1,000 $5,000 Other

            I ask you to please pray for this fight.  There will be many obstacles and persecutions and some will pay a high price for standing against this evil.

            But the world needs to know.  We as a nation must repent.  We as His people must act and I for one feel compelled to act now.

Please join with the Survivors and me and give a gift to fund this fight today!