Youth Activated: Visual Blog -- Do You Care, Albuquerque?

Youth Activated: Visual Blog -- Do You Care, Albuquerque?

We who came to Albuquerque, we have survived a holocaust. And we, as the youth of a nation, take that to heart -- what we survived, we will not allow others to suffer while we are silent!

Join us! We've taken the tools of Survivors Leadership Camp and effectively exposed the killing in Boyd's late-term clinic! 

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Abortion Abolished: By YOU

By C.J. Williams, Social Media Coordinator

The camp to end all camps . . .that’s how I  wish I could start this, because there’s nothing in the world I want more than to say, abortion is abolished, illegal, finished. And without abortion, we wouldn’t need camp!

But let me start another way.

Let me start like this:  I want to say how proud I am of last year’s campers.  You all became serious abolitionists, constantly surprising and pleasing me during the year with your own kick-butt projects to defend the preborn.  You took the tools we gave you, and not only put them to use, you took the tools we gave you, and not only put them to use, you started tinkering with them, improving or adding to them, to make them even more effective in our battle for life.

I know I’ll see your faces again this year – and you know what?

I  want to see you and five friends. I want to see an army. Because it would be brilliant if this were the camp to end all camps, but do you know what? It may not be. In fact, it may be the second-to-last, or it could be the first of ten more.

What?  No, I’m not kidding.  But just because I never want to see your faces again -- in camp -- doesn’t mean I won’t. I plan on seeing you all here, every year, until finally legalised child-killing is abolished in the United States for good.   The only place I want to see your face after that is in a museum in the capital, with a little box under the photo saying this young person sacrificed their time and youth to end the most horrible holocaust the world has ever seen.

If this is your second or third time, I want you back – and back with the attitude that this is everything. Act like every move you make, every action could be the one that tips abortion off the deep-end for good.  Act like this is the camp to end all camps.

But get ready to make the marathon. The old dudes in the generation before us?  They planned on 5 years, easy -- 5 years and the end of abortion. That was 35 years ago. They planned on it, and when they didn’t get it, too many gave up, or backed off, discouraged. They planned on the prolife action to end all prolife action, and when it didn’t pan out, they petered out.

But we are not petering out. We are not giving in. We are the generation that will abolish abortion -- and if that’s tomorrow, BRILLIANT. And if it’s in 20 years? Still brilliant. I’ll be there ‘til it’s buried in history. I plan on seeing you at the funeral -- we can hold a special one when all the abortuaries are closed, and all the laws supporting preborn killing are struck off the books; and we can bury abortion for good.

Pray like everything depends on God. Work like everything depends on you. St. Ignatius said that.

And if we keep that up, we won’t have to endure the killing of little ones long.

It's true, camp is fun. It's supposed to be. But our goal is to make camp unnecessary and put ourselves out of a job. My personal goal? To say sayonara to legalized child-killing!

We are survivors of the abortion holocaust.  We are the generation that will abolish abortion – and we will do it now.  In every moment. With every action. Until it is done.   

The camp to end all camps? No. But I plan on seeing you there UNTIL IT IS THE CAMP THAT ENDS ABORTION. We are not petering out. We are not giving in. We are the generation that will abolish abortion!

We stand on the shoulders of the previous generation – and I got the tools from Jeff and Cheryl, and more – and you now get the tools from me, from Jeff and Cheryl, from Kristina.

Last year, I had to get up in the middle of the night to get girls off their phones after curfew, off and to bed – but guess what?  They weren’t calling their boyfriends.  They were booking all the abortion appointments within a 50 mile radius so that women couldn’t get in to kill their kids.

Yes, they were technically making trouble and breaking curfew.  But as our Director of Campus Outreach says, it’s time to make all kinds of trouble for the Culture of Death.

So I’ll say it again:  This isn’t the camp to end all camps, but I want to see you act like it.

We are the youth who will end abortion – and not one of our children will ever have to survive a holocaust so horrible.  You are the ones who will leave here and be the abolitionists who make history.  And I do want to see your face on that museum wall. In fact, I plan on it.

So see you -- and all those friends -- at camp (How about at both camps?) After that?  Let’s plan on the museum, soon – .  I want camp until we kill the killing. I want camp until I put us all out of a job.  I want never to hear the word abortion again.  When it’s done, it’s done. 

See you at camp.  And let’s end this thing – abortion abolished. By you.

It's your turn to make history.