Click image above to read official safe space invaders announcement from pro-life legend, survivors founder jeff white

Click image above to read official safe space invaders announcement from pro-life legend, survivors founder jeff white

Be a Part of the Survivors Campus Outreach Team and Join the Invasion!

Are You Ready for the Battle of Your Life? Enlist in "the Marines of the Pro-Life Movement" and Invade the Safe Spaces of American Academia!

Join Survivors' Outreach Director Joe Salant as he takes on the Orwellian culture of death, safe spaces, speech codes, microaggressions, trigger warnings, free speech zones on the landscape of American higher education with the message of LIFE!

From February 1 thru the beginning of May, 2017, Survivors' Safe Space Invaders will resume with a bang! This is your opportunity to learn how to be a top-shelf pro-life activist, apologist, and voice for the voiceless on the most pro-abortion ideological battleground in western civilization: the colleges and universities of America. Register for the Survivors Campus Outreach Team today and get in the fight!

This is an exceptional occasion for a young person of biblical faith to get equipped to contend for truth in an era of deception. Learning from Joe as he goes toe to toe with pro-abortion, anti-Christian students and professors live in the field is quite possibly the best possible way for a Christian high school graduate to prepare for college!

If the battle to abolish abortion in America is going to be successful, we must win the Culture Wars, and the fortified areas of pro-abortion secular humanism, specifically academia, entertainment, and media must be invaded and conquered by pro-life, pro-faith, pro-family forces of righteousness. Survivors Safe Space Invaders focuses on academia. After all, after the past century of genocidal world history, where else can the reprehensible idea of the HUMAN NON-PERSON go to receive shelter from the light of truth and scrutiny than the American university, where it is protected from truth seekers by absurd speech codes and politically correct standards?

There are those that protect our physical freedom at home and abroad, our blessed members of the armed services and law enforcement. Then there are those that protect the values that allow for freedom, such as faith and virtue. American society will not remain free if it continues to murder the rising generation through elective abortion. Since 1973, over sixty-million babies have been executed. One third of a generation has been slaughtered. The surest way to stop abortion is to uproot the horrible idea that the pre-born human is not a person and thus lacks the basic right to life. Join Survivors for a semester and contend for the only worldview consistent with freedom and liberty for all on the battleground of ideas.

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