Take Action at the International ProLife Youth Conference

Is it enough to say that you're pro-life?  When you hear about injustice, do you run toward it, or away? What does “pro-life” mean if you do nothing for the voiceless?


Picture a busy street in Los Angeles or Washington, D.C.  Men and women rush by, distracted. People hurry along, heels click on the pavement, taxi cabs fly by. Everyone has somewhere to be, some place to go. Unconcerned that one third of this generation is gone, they go about their daily lives unaware that abortion affects them.

Suddenly, a 14 year-old girl drops on the pavement and curls into the fetal position. A young man kneels to chalk her outline on the sidewalk. Then another young person drops.  And another. In moments, dozens of people have collapsed. Others follow behind draping blood-red silk over their motionless bodies. The crime scene has been staged. All at once, the hidden holocaust is revealed. People stare. The world can't pretend anymore. Seeing these activists represent the forty-two million murdered annually across the globe, forces them to look abortion in the face and see it for the crime that it is. This demonstration isn't purely educational, it is powerful. And it's just one example of pro-life activism.

At the International ProLife Youth Conference, you'll have the opportunity participate in events like these. We'll teach you how to become an effective abolitionist. You'll learn how to run toward the cries of injustice and rescue those being lead to slaughter. You'll be encouraged by international speakers, community and student activists, religious leaders and young people, like yourself. What unites them? They are abortion abolitionists. You'll hear countless pro-life methods and testimonials. The IPYC's visionaries are passionate about equipping you to make a difference.

Slavery didn't end because of rising awareness. Nazism didn’t fall because society began to discuss it. And the killing of millions of preborn human beings won't stop because we simply claim to be pro-life. We must rise up if we wish to abolish this atrocity. We must resist apathy. We must run toward the cries of injustice. Take action with us this November and become the generation that abolishes abortion!

Join us for ProLife Action on Sunday at 2PM after our closing talk with David Bereit from 40 Days for Life. Location of the event to be announced at the conference. Drive your own car or reserve your seat in van to ride with Survivors when you register for the conference.