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It’s not enough to be pro-life, unless you can also do pro-life. But what does doing pro-life look like?

Picture a busy street in Los Angeles. Men and women rush by, distracted. People jostle, high heels click over pavement--everyone has somewhere to go, some place to be-- What if ⅓ of them dropped dead in their tracks?

Picture a young woman dropping on the street, and curling into a fetal ball. A young man kneels to chalk her outline on the sidewalk. Then another drops. And another. In moments, dozens of young people have collapsed to the sidewalk, legs pulled up, motionless. The boy who chalks also drapes them in blood-red cloth.

The traffic has stopped. People stare. Suddenly, the hidden holocaust is visible: these youth lie in the dust, representing the 42 million preborn people killed each year around the world.

This is pro-life action, and it’s part of what you’ll get to learn--and do--at this year’s International Pro-Life Conference.

At the IPYC, you will be hearing from community activists, student activists, religious leaders, political agitators, prophets--and young people like yourself. What do they have in common? They are abortion abolitionists. You’ll get to hear how do pro-life from every perspective possible, and when you’re finished hearing about it, you’ll get to join the entire conference on Monday in a dramatic event of activism.

Just like it’s not enough to just be pro-life, it’s not enough to just hear it--this conference will arm you with the tactics, give you the support, and end it all with hitting the streets.

Slavery wasn’t ended by talk. Nazism didn’t fall because we discussed it. And the killings of millions of preborn human beings will not end while we’re just being--we are Abortion Abolitionists, and at this conference, we are Abolitionists Rising.

Take action with us this November to make abortion history!