Joe Salant is a Christian, abolitionist, theologian and recording artist dedicated to ending the abortion holocaust in America. He travels with the American Renewal Project equipping pastors to stand for biblical values in the public square. He is the founder of We Are Watchmen, a Christian and politically  conservative group that uses contemporary music as part of a subversive strategy to fight the statist secularization of American youth through the hard left agenda of the U.S. public school system. 

Joe is an itinerant guest speaker and performer at churches, pastors conferences, youth conferences, retreats, colleges, and high-schools throughout the nation, using his teaching and music to equip Christians defend their faith intellectually, politically, and historically. He is committed to using all of his access to faith-based and secular institutions to be an articulate, bold voice for the 60 million slaughtered unborn babies (and counting at a rate of one every 25 seconds) in America. Some of his major influences include C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, Ravi Zacharias, Os Guinness, St. Augustine, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and William Wilberforce. 

Joe believes the key to ending abortion in America is to re-establish the Christian worldview (starting with the American churches) and apply the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to this national sin that has stolen an entire generation of Americans since the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973. Joe is honored to be a Survivor, adding the dimension of apologetics to the battle tested activism for which Survivors is renowned - using graphic images to shed light on unspeakable evil deeds against pre-born babies in today’s fight to bring the Gospel into conflict with the evil of our age, and being a bold presence at the front lines wherever the battle rages. 

Joe has a fabulously gorgeous and talented wife he doesn’t deserve and three precious children, each of whom are a sign of God’s grace and solemn reminder of the evil of the American abortion industry.