Kristina Garza is the Campus Outreach Director of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.  She came to prolife work through a chance encounter with the Outreach Team, then lead by Kortney Blythe, on her college campus at UC Riverside. To her surprise, she encountered Jeff White, Survivors Founder, not much later as she scrambled to get a speaker for a 40 Days For Life closing Vigil -- exactly when Survivors was looking for a new Outreach Director. The rest is history.

She now directs recruiting, training, and outreach for the Campus Outreach Team with a verve, eloquence, and fervor that have made her a role-model for ProLife Camp attendees -- and many other youth nationally who have seen her speak at events such as the International ProLife Youth Conference, the March For Life Youth Rally, and many more. Her dedication has led her fearlessly to risk and suffer unjust arrest for the pre-born.

By assisting with national training and activism during events such as ProLife Boot Camp, the March For Life, and national conferences, and by working with international organizations such as Ireland’s Youth Defence to bring pro-life activities to youth in other countries as well, Kristina has answered God’s call so that her voice now calls young people to action, to do what is right, to stand up for their peers in the womb, and to honor God.