Survivors presents:

A Get Out the Vote Education Initiative to the Hispanic Community of California's 31st Congressional District

Republicans do not have a plan to win the Hispanic community and to move the Hispanic vote, but we do.

Here’s the secret weapon:  Convert the Hispanic vote through a series of relentless campaigns in their own neighborhoods, geared to demonstrate that Democrats are opposed to the moral values of the Hispanic community.  We call this effort the “No Mas” initiative.  “No more!” being a reliable voting block for politicians that violate Hispanics’ basic spiritual, biblical and ethical principles.

"Hispanics are conservative, they just don't know it yet." - Ronald Reagan

Survivors will be unleashing pro-life, pro-faith, pro-family youth for the sixty critical days prior to the 2016 election in a door-to-door campaign to move the 31st Congressional District to vote their values!

We already have a team of dedicated youth,and we’re recruiting even more from within the Hispanic community, to educate families in the 31st District that a vote for Pete Aguilar [D] is a vote against Catholic and Christian values.  They need to know that every day Planned Parenthood kills, on average, 700 Hispanic pre-born babies in America!  Our enthusiastic and well-trained team of pro-life youth are eager to distribute literature exposing Aguilar and Planned Parenthood to every voter in their district!  No Mas voting for Planned Parenthood's racist, evil agenda carried out through their Democrat cronies!

$2,500 puts twenty-five passionate, faith-driven young people on the ground to reach 4,000 households per day!

Our budget of $250,000 to cover 60 days of relentless door-to-door activism in the 31st Congressional District still needs to be met!  Please give your best gift today to get these young people on the street!

With your help we can certainly tip this close, nationally-vital contest in the RIGHT direction!

The 31st district is 45% Hispanic and 3,000 converted votes from this demographic ensures Planned Parenthood's favored incumbent, Aguilar will lose!

This is a no-brainer!  Join us on the frontline of the battle today and make it possible for the No Mas initiative to broadcast the evil of Planned Parenthood and their crony Congressman Pete Aguilar to every member of the Hispanic community in California's 31st District.

This is a winner all the way around but we can't do it without you.  PLEASE GET BEHIND NO MAS WITH YOUR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION TODAY!

You will receive critical updates with the progress your gift is making toward putting this pro-death politician out of office in November!


Survivors is a battle-tested, bold, pro-life youth ministry that is committed to ending the legal slaughter of preborn American babies. I'm proud to have their endorsement.” - Dr. Paul Chabot, Republican Congressional Candidate, California 31st District

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Thank you for your support and partnership to move the Hispanic community to vote their values!  God bless you, Fellow Life-loving Patriot!