The release of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives callously participating in the sale of baby body parts has sparked several statewide investigations into Planned Parenthood, but still the abortion giant receives more than half a billion federal tax dollars every year.  The Survivors are disgusted at Planned Parenthood gets away with.  We are fed up with their baby-killing, body-part-selling, women-maiming ways and we are here to equip you to take Planned Parenthood down in your community!

Here is how you can start . . . today :

1. Watch the investigative videos and then share them with your friends via email, social media, and in person, using the hashtags #PPSellsBabyParts and #DefundPP.  Post them somewhere online everyday to keep the heat on Planned Parenthood!  Repost media coverage regarding the videos.

2. Call your local Planned Parenthood and politely but firmly tell them that you object to them operating in your city.  Not only will your call will make them uncomfortable with their job, but they won't be able to schedule an abortion appointment while they're on the phone with you!

3. Contact your federal, state and city representatives and ask them to investigate Planned Parenthood's illegal behavior and stop funding PP with tax dollars.  Gather a few friends and visit your representatives' local offices to make your request in person.  You can find contact information for the California state representatives here.  Here is a sample letter of what can be taken to your city representative.   

4. Set up a meeting with your Pastor or church leadership.  Show him the videos and ask him to share them with his congregation along with other information about Planned Parenthood, such as The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood from Human Life Alliance.  Invite him to come out to Planned Parenthood with you to protest or sidewalk counsel.

5. Protest your local Planned Parenthood.  Display pictures of abortion victims and #PPSellsBabyParts signs in front of your local Planned Parenthood.  Distribute HLA’s literature The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood.  Ask the clients going in if they know that Planned Parenthood sells baby parts.  Tell them that they should get help from a place that doesn't kill babies or sell their baby parts. You can buy the abortion victim signs here or contact Survivors for information on obtaining free PP literature and signs. 

6. Sidewalk counsel at your local Planned Parenthood.  Maintain a prayerful presence outside your local abortion clinic, especially during abortion hours.  Arm yourself with pro-life sidewalk counseling literature (check the resources in the Sidewalk Counseling Manual) and contact information for your local PRC, and offer the literature to every person walking in the door. This activity involves more preparation and training.  Check out our Sidewalk Counseling Manual, and please call or email with questions.

7. Stand on a freeway overpass or busy street corner at rush hour with a #PPSellsBabyParts banner. Use butcher paper and fat sharpie markers or paint to create a clear and concise message for passing traffic. You can also use Abortion Victim Photography and pass out these drop cards or the HLA Planned Parenthood pamphlet to pedestrians passing by.

8. Educate your local high school or college campus using Abortion Victim Signs and HLA’s literature “The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood”.  Contact Survivors for help and tips on organizing a campus outreach.  You can buy the abortion victim signs here or contact Survivors for information on obtaining free PP literature and signs. Please contact us and we can provide the dropcards or HLA Planned Parenthood pamphlet for FREE!

9. Distribute flyers door-to-door to expose abortionists working in your community. Check out this website to find the abortionist/ abortion clinic nearest you.

10. Public sidewalks at your local College campus, abortion clinic, or a busy intersection in your community are great places to use sidewalk chalk to share pro-life messages! Check out this awesome video to get you started! Examples: (Adoption is the Loving Option, Pregnant? Text "HELPLINE" to 313131, Planned Parenthood sells body parts, #PPSellsBabyParts etc...)

11. Get the word out to your community!  Use this Drop Card template to make business cards through Staples, Vista, Kinkos, etc and distribute these cards throughout your community: at the sidewalk, at the gas pump, bus bench, Walmart bathroom, pregnancy test section of the grocery store, Starbucks, etc. Here's a fun how-to video!

12. A Pro-life presence at Planned Parenthood and other local demonstrations is the critical centerpiece of our plans to expose and defund PP.  Without you and others there is no Resistance and Planned Parenthood will be left unchallenged. Always be looking for opportunities to invite others to join the Resistance, and be sure to share the videos and this website with the hashtags #PPSellsBabyParts and #SurvivorsResistance as a resource.