Action at the local level is the greatest threat to Planned Parenthood’s success.  And success to Planned Parenthood means babies butchered for parts and profit and millions of our tax dollars poured into PP’s coffers.  They may have money and power, but we have God and conviction.  Your presence at Planned Parenthood and other local demonstrations is the critical centerpiece of our plans to expose and defund PP.  Without you and others there is no Resistance and Planned Parenthood will be left unchallenged.  Please don’t let that happen.  Take action starting today!

Attend Survivors Annual ProLife Training Camp

Known nationally as the pro-life "boot camp,” Survivors ProLife Training Camps have equipped hundreds of high school and college students to be effective voices for the preborn.

From preparing a press release to sharing the truth of abortion on a street corner, the Survivors are trained as abolitionists of the highest caliber. Through the signature combination of classroom teaching and hands-on experience, the Survivors ProLife Training Camps are producing pro-life leaders for the next generation. [More Info]

Join Our Mailing List

As the Resistance grows and Planned Parenthood becomes more reactionary (and they will) we may need to rush to one another’s aid.  And we will have last minute opportunities you may want to join.  Stay informed of what is happening with The Resistance by signing up to be on our mailing list.

Support The Resistance

Our first step is to mobilize the Resistance campaign. Survivors will be activating and equipping communities who are committed to protesting Planned Parenthood with training, free literature and signs.

The Planned Parenthood body parts trafficking videos are a tide change and now is the time to move. The Resistance must hit the beach now!  The Resistance needs you to be there, to be a part of The Resistance, to give generously as we storm California and Planned Parenthood.


Outside of California?   

You can still be part of The Resistance.  There is so much you can do.  First you can continue to promote the undercover video’s with this link to our webpage. Share them with Facebook Friends, your friends and your pastor.  70% of Americans have not even heard of the videos and who knows how many have even watched a portion.  So we must continue to encourage that.

Finally, as this battle heats up, the Resistance is going to experience persecutions and injustices -- that is a fact -- when they do we need to light up the phones and emails of those attacking our young people.

So please, if you are outside of California, join the Resistance today and be the support and prayer network we will so desperately need.


We are going up against the abortion giant.  Planned Parenthood is powerful and well funded.  Planned Parenthood has powerful friends.  Do not be misled, we will suffer defeats and we will pay a price.  We trust in the power of God as we faithfully proclaim His truths.  We trust Him to protect us and to give us victories.  We can tell you from personal experience it is glorious to be a part of something when it is God’s power that wins the day.  Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, don’t be among those who will look back and regretfully say, “I should have been there.”