Survivors Upcoming Events

The Survivors ardently believe that simply saying you’re pro-life isn’t enough -- you have to live it. That’s why we plan activism events across the nation and invite everyone we know to join us! Check out the list below to find out what’s coming up next on the Survivors’ calendar and how you and your friends can participate!


The Resistance

The Survivors insist there should be no place on earth where Planned Parenthood can rest or train or practice their deadly skills – We mean it.  The Survivors are giving a call to action to one and all who want to drive Planned Parenthood back to hell from whence they came!  The Survivors are calling on young people to Join the Resistance!


ProLife Training Camp 2016

Join other Survivors at the 18th annual ProLife Training Camp - 10 days of intense training and activism that will prepare you to stand against the worst evil of our day: abortion.