Cheryl Conrad is the Director of Operations and co-founder of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.  Cheryl has been active in pro-life ministry since 1988 when she faced the truth of her own abortion and dedicated her life to fighting for the preborn.  From working at a pregnancy resource center and opening up her home to women in crisis pregnancies, to faithfully sidewalk counseling at a local abortion clinic until the day it closed, Cheryl has worked diligently to end abortion, even while she homeschooled her two sons throughout the 80s and 90s.

Cheryl has been on the front lines of the abortion battle since her leadership days in Operation Rescue, beginning in 1989 when she ran the Orange County chapter of Operation Rescue, organizing and leading local and national pro-life events, including peaceful, non-violent rescues.  She was arrested over 30 times during the days of Operation Rescue, and continues today to take a stand for free speech, unafraid to be arrested as an advocate for life.  

During the 1990s, Cheryl developed a team that visited every high school in Orange County, California, with the truth of abortion - 80 campuses in all.  This effort later provided inspiration for the Survivors Outreach Team, and the founding of Survivors as a pro-life youth organization -- the first of its kind.  In 1998 she co-founded Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust with former colleague-in-arms, Jeff White.

Her ongoing commitment to Survivors grew from her desire to inspire and equip young people to stand for the preborn, live sacrificially, and learn firsthand what it means to love neighbor as self.  The fact that no other group or individual had taken on the responsibility of educating today’s youth about the horrendous hidden holocaust motivated her, and she knew her sons needed a place to learn the principles of peaceful, prayerful and effective activism on behalf of the preborn.  From ProLife Training Camps to the Survivors Campus Outreach Team, Cheryl continues to fulfill the vision of Survivors as she leads the organization, ensuring that an increasing number of young people join the ranks of active voices for the voiceless.