Survivors in the News

Don’t do that interview!  They are liberal! They are biased!  They will mock you. It will be a hit piece!  And sometimes they are.

More often than not the Survivors have gotten a fair shake from the media.  Yes, their bias often comes out even in their titles such as the BBC Documentary: Brainwashing Stacey Dooley!  We even knew that was the title before we did the two-week ride-along interview.

And then there was Sarah Silverman!  Nobody wanted Survivors to do her show.  And also, Al Jazeera - we actually had parents not send their kids to camp because we were allowing them to film a documentary and do a feature print article.

In each of those cases and hundreds like them over the last 20+ years, the Survivors have regretted but a few.  And in fact, the Al Jazeera documentary could be a promo video for Survivors camp and the feature article is a great description of what goes on at camp.

Even Stacey Dooley was Brainwashed by our young people. I say brainwashed because Stacey was openly pro-choice, but by the end she had changed – she wasn’t pro-life, but she was changed and impressed by the work of Survivors.

As the Founder of Survivors, I have always believed in doing every interview we can because I believe.  Yes, I believe. I believe in our young people. I believe in their courage, kindness, boldness and knowledge.  

I have found time after time that even though the liberal media may slam us from time to time, more often than not the message of Survivors comes shining through.  That message is Babies are made in the image of God and abortion murders a little baby. With truth, courage, compassion and conviction the Survivors fight to stop the evil of abortion.

For the Survivors this is their day, this is their time to stand, it is their turn to make history.  And they are doing just that! Read and watch the Survivors in action, click the links below.

Some of our more noteworthy media coverage: