Jeff White began his service as an abortion abolitionist as a national leader with Operation Rescue from 1988 to 1998.  He served as the National Tactical Director for Operation Rescue and provided leadership that inspired tens of thousands of Americans to join him in the streets to protest abortion in America.  He has been arrested almost too many times to count in his emphatic defense of the preborn and their mothers, and continues to be willing to sacrifice his freedom for the lives of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

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In 1990, Jeff founded and funded the American Anti-Persecution League, a public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of those protesting against abortion in America.  In 1992 he also founded Cradles of Love, an adoption ministry.  But it was in 1998, after the FACE Act made blocking an abortuary doorway a federal crime, that Jeff founded Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, a national pro-life youth ministry calling on young people to take a stand against the evil of their day, which has killed one-third of their generation.

He serves on the board of His Nesting Place, a home for unwed mothers, and is the Youth Director at Lake Gregory Community Church in Crestline, California.  Jeff’s life has been dedicated to standing up for the most defenseless in society and to discipling young people to engage their culture for with the message of the sanctity and value of all human life.  He and his wife Janis have been married for 34 years and have 11 children and nine grandchildren.