Do you live in or near any cities where we currently have a Resistance Group? Below is a map - take a look and join a group in your area!  Please commit before God and jump into this fight for the next year -- we need you!

If you are an individual or a group already in the fight, you do not need to give up your identity, we just want to know we’re all working together with a common purpose.  So lend your voice today as we cry out together for justice!  Join The Resistance as an individual or as a group.

If you are not able to join or start a Resistance Group, there is so much you can still do.  First you can continue to promote the undercover video’s with this link to our webpage. Share them with Facebook Friends, your friends and your pastor.  70% of Americans have not even heard of the videos and who knows how many have even watched a portion.  So we must continue to encourage that.  Also take a look at the Protest Planned Parenthood page for other ideas on how to expose PP in your community.  

If you live nearby one of these cities, sign up to join The Resistance to fight Planned Parenthood and expose their evil deeds of darkness.  


Not seeing a group near you, consider starting a Resistance Group in your hometown.