Petition for Disciplinary Action Against 
Professor Miller-Young

To President Janet Napolitano and the Regents of the University of California:

We the undersigned should not need to stress the importance of protecting the peaceful expression of ideas and of defending the right of every American to speak out forcefully on issues of importance to them.  We certainly should not have to stress it to those in the field of education, where the free exchange of ideas is purportedly one of the hallmarks of their profession.

Over a month has passed since Ms. Miller-Young was filmed stealing a sign from individuals lawfully engaged in free speech at the University of California Santa Barbara.  The video shows her repeatedly shoving a minor who attempted to follow her and her students as they were absconding with the sign.

Ms. Miller even admitted in the police report to involving her students in taking and destroying the sign.

It causes us great concern that in the past month, UCSB has remained shamefully silent.  No UCSB representative or any representative of the UC system has provided a word of assurance that Ms. Miller-Young will be disciplined or is even under investigation by the university for her violent actions – actions already prompting charges from the DA’s office.

We the undersigned demand UCSB conduct a full investigation and a full report of Ms. Miller-Young’s conduct before, during, and after her admitted theft of the sign; a clear statement from UCSB condemning the actions of Professor Miller-Young; and finally a disciplinary response that will restore confidence in UCSB’s commitment to protecting free speech.

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