Survivors Presentations & Training Workshops will teach your group how to expertly defend the preborn and equip your group with the tools they will need for effective activism. Anyone born after 1973 is a survivor of the abortion holocaust.  We are called to speak out against the slaughter of our generation and the generations to come.

The Survivors want to activate your hometown!  

Whether you’re part of a church, youth group, pro-life club, confirmation class, pro-life organization, or other group, we want to help you.  No matter what your level of experience, the Survivors will tailor a presentation to your audience and event.  Even more, we can follow any presentation with hands-on training that will prepare you and others to lead future events and activism in your own town.

And for those who have already attended one of our national training events, like the Survivors ProLife Training Camp or International ProLife Youth Conference, we encourage you to take the next step!  Invite the Survivors’ expert speakers and Campus Outreach Team to help you use the skills you’ve learned and start a new wave of pro-life action in your town, at your church, or on your school campus.

During our presentations, the Survivors educate about the culture of death’s influence on our generation and inspire youth to end the slaughter of abortion.  Remember: No previous experience is necessary, and every presentation can be tailored to your group’s specific needs.  Invite the Survivors for one evening or three days; we offer presentations, training workshops, and hands-on activism.  What we present and how many days we stay to train are completely up to you.

Training topics include:

  • Pro-Life 101: Why pro-life?, stages of fetal development, methods of abortion, use of graphic images, shutting down abortion clinics.

  • Pro-Life Apologetics: Arguments from embryology, philosophy, history, and biblical doctrine that make abortion unthinkable. Learn how to address the "hard questions" of rape, incest, and health of the mother.

  • Sidewalk Counseling:  Learn how to be the last line of defense for potential victims of abortion in front of abortion mills.

  • Know your rights:  What are your legal rights as an activist.


The Survivors adamantly believe that it’s not enough to just learn how to be an advocate for the preborn -- you need to know how to make your voice heard.  Join experienced Survivors leaders on the streets of your hometown as we lead your group in cutting-edge and effective activism.  Once again, all events can be tailored to your group’s needs based upon your goal for local activism.

Alison Arguing with a COP.jpg

Events can include:

  • Show The Truth -- Expose the reality of abortion through graphic signs and educational material.

  • Campus Outreach -- Challenge our generation with the truth through dialogue.

  • Special Events -- Address current issues and hot topics in defense of the preborn.

  • Clinics & Sidewalk Counseling --  Confront evil at its door by offering help to abortion-minded women through witnessing praying and praising God outside of a killing center.

  • Political Action -- Support pro-life politicians and confront supporters of abortion.

To schedule your Presentation or Worskhop, contact us by email or phone (951.750.1114) today.