Sample Letter

Dear family and friends,

I greet you with that verse because I am excited to tell you about an opportunity God has given me to serve.

I am continuing my studies to become an elementary school teacher, finishing up my sophomore year at DSU. The classes I’m taking are challenging, but I am excited because I’m finally getting a taste of what teaching is going to be like. I also work at the DSU Visitors Center as a tour guide and I love my job! I work with such different types of people, and the job is fun.

I live in a house with five wonderful roommates. God has truly blessed me by putting me in a house with these girls, because we all care about each other so much. Our family just got home from a vacation to Mexico, where we had a wonderful time in the sun! Finally, I’m still involved in my campus Christian group, where I am a student leader in a women’s Bible Study.

As I look at where I’m at and see how comfortable I have become, I long for God to make me uncomfortable. I want God to put me in challenging situations and to allow me to learn and grow.

With that in mind, I have decided to give God my summer. From August 8-19, I will join 75 other high school and college students from around the country in Los Angeles, California for a 12-day Survivors ProLife Training Camp. I doubt you’ve ever heard of a ministry opportunity quite like Survivors Camp.

The main objective of Survivors Camp is to study the issues surrounding abortion, learn how to defend my position, and become a passionate (and compassionate!) advocate for the preborn babies dying every day. We'll spend 3 days of camp working through intense seminars and workshops, which will teach us more about abortion and related issues, pro-life activism and service. For the remaining 6 days, I will be challenged through plenty of activism - at the beach, at schools, and in front of abortion clinics. I see Survivors Camp as an amazing way for me to step out of my comfort zone and learn to rely upon Christ for affirmation.

I understand that you may be getting a lot of letters from friends, family, and church members asking for support for various mission trips. For this reason, I hesitate asking for you to give. However, I feel that God is calling me to go to Los Angeles, and I feel as if I have to ask for support. Not only will I learn so much while at Survivors Camp, but the things I will learn are practical skills that I can take back to my hometown, school and friends.

The amount I plan to raise for Survivors Camp is $700. This money will go towards airfare and the camp fee (training materials, lodging, meals, and transportation). Any support that you can give will be greatly appreciated. If you feel that God is calling you to give $5, I know that He will multiply it to meet my needs. If you feel that God is calling you to take a step of faith and support me with $50, or $100, or even more than that, I have no doubt that your support will bless more than just me. Philippians 4:19 reassures me that “ God will meet your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

I feel like it is God’s plan for me to go to Los Angeles and become uncomfortable. I need to be placed into uncomfortable situations and learn to allow God to speak through me to my peers about abortion. Furthermore, I’m excited to see how the tools I gather while at camp will affect my pro-life ministry at home. I’m asking for your support because I know that God has called each of us to come together in order to share the Good News - and what better way than through seeing lives saved from abortion for His glory? As I need to raise the $700, I also need your support in prayer. Even if you can’t give money at this time, your prayers will be the best support I will have. I hope that you see Survivors Camp as an opportunity for me to help further the Kingdom.

Know that you and your family are in my prayers! I look forward to telling you stories of how my life and the lives of others were changed (or even saved!) because of Survivors Camp.


P.S. Use the stamped envelope I enclosed to send a check and/or a note of encouragement to let me know that you’ll be praying for me as God works through me this summer! If you would like your gift to be tax-deductible, please make your check out to Survivors.