No group in your area?  Do you want to try some of your own tactics?  Start your own Resistance group!

It is as easy as pulling some friends together.  It doesn’t have to be big.  Jesus sent the disciples out two by two.  So grab a friend and start exposing Planned Parenthood!

Maybe you are an organizer who can begin to encourage others to come out on a consistent basis?  Do it.  Don’t hesitate!  The Resistance needs you now and the babies need you now.

We must rescue those babies scheduled to die and when you are in front of Planned Parenthood, babies are saved.  We are launching a full frontal assault on Planned Parenthood and exposing them to our communities for the heartless butchers they are.  Planned Parenthood is killing babies and then selling them for parts!  Please commit today to starting that Resistance group, large or small, please commit before God and jump into this fight for the next year -- we need you.  

Basic Guidelines
(these are guidelines and not requirements)

  • Commit to leading a Resistance Group until the 2016 elections

  • Plan an event or activity once a week

Ready to Start?

You can either start small with just you and a few friends, or you can organize a full scale event.  And know this: You are not alone, the Survivors and others in the Resistance are here to help.  Just reach out to us and we will be there whether you need advice or free literature and signs