Sidewalk Counseling: clinics that don’t have victims, don’t stay in business

Sidewalk counseling is the frontline of defending life: we meet women, and their preborn sons and daughters, at the brink of death.

Survivors campers took a crash-course in this last line of intervention to save lives. Veteran sidewalk counselor Geri Urrutia of Shield of Roses gave these young Survivors of Camp 2013 29+ years of experience, and the tools she uses to give women hope, and shut down the killing.

Because women who are actually given the option of life and hope at the door, don’t enter that door to death.

And clinics that don’t have victims, don’t stay in business. This is one small but inexpressibly important strategy in abolishing abortion, one life at a time.

Check out Geri’s post-session interview, and think about committing to sidewalk counseling this year with our campers!

Take home these prolife capsule-sized tips so that when you hit the pavement to stand between the babies, and death, you'll have the kit to change hearts, give hope -- and give a true  option to these mothers: life.  

  • Commit to once a month in front of a clinic: make it and KEEP IT
  • Don't worry about feelings: you won't always feel like being there--be there anyway 
  • Have literature
  • Give the mothers something tangible: your phone number, a rose, literature
  • Remember: your presence send the message that she  has worth, and her baby has worth
  • Make that commitment to be there and keep it