When this man ran towards the cries of injustice the Devil fled!

by Jeff White

Submit therefore to God and stand against Satan, and he will flee from you.  James 4:7

David Bereit submitted himself to God.  He was a businessman who saw the evil of abortion and sought a response that would be pleasing to God.  After a few years, David found himself frustrated and was about to step down from his local leadership role when he was asked to do one last thing before he left.  Create a plan to shut down the Planned Parenthood in his area.

“Ha!” he said, “If I knew how to do that, I would have already done it.”  But he agreed to look into different ideas from around the country.  As he put together the pieces of a plan, he got a call from a friend, “Ten babies died today at Planned Parenthood, David.”  The words cut through him like a knife.

In inspiration concealed as exasperation he said, “Maybe I should just quit my job and devote myself full time to doing everything I can to try to implement the plan we put together.”

His friend said, “Why don’t you do that?”  It suddenly hit him that maybe he was supposed to leave his professional career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing to do this work full time.

Two weeks from that date he had quit his job, with his wife’s support, and he took on the helm of running the Coalition for Life.  That was in 2001.

It was from that position, at the head of Coalition for Life, that David launched the first 40 Days for Life campaign.  The devil had pushed him so close to quitting, but now instead of quitting David was leading a community full speed – Running Toward the Cries of Injustice.  It was a physical and spiritual success and the devil fled and left his minions unprotected on the front lines of the abortion fight for life and death.

David went on to train others to lead 40 Days for Life campaigns in their cities to stand against the devil and his schemes to murder preborn babies!  I am sure the devil smirked as David prepared to leave his leadership role in 2001.  And I am sure the devil wasn’t too concerned when David founded  40 Days for Life in 2004.  He probably rolled in laughter as he listened in on plans to “mobilize the church.”  I imagine he let out an evil roar of laughter as he mocked the church, David’s plans, and the threat of prayer.  The devil just knew that the church wasn’t interested and he also knew how little they prayed.  He promptly moved on to weigh some other threat to his kingdom.

But the devil was wrong.  And as hundreds of thousands of Christians have landed at the gates of hell, the devil fled just as God promised when we come in the name and power of Jesus Christ.  The devil never imagined 17,000+ churches would Run Toward the Cries of Injustice with David.  It might be time for the devil to quit underestimating those David guys!

As I write, yet another 40 Days for Life campaign is underway.  The devil is in disarray as the number of campaigns blows past 3,500, and over 60 cities and 24 countries.  He has got to be sick as the number of babies saved quickly approaches 10,000!  And the devil is losing workers at the killing centers -- well over 100!  And as any warrior knows, you never want to lose your fortifications, but the devil has lost over 54 abortion clinics since the start of Forty Days for Life!

Do you want to know what it takes to Run Towards the Cries of Injustice and save lives?  Then don’t miss the closing talk by David Bereit at the International Pro-life Youth Conference!  David will be celebrating the last day of the current Forty Days for Life Campaign and I am sure he will have much to share. Don’t miss this opportunity – Register today!