I want to be Chris Slattery when I get to heaven.

“I want to be Chris Slattery when I get to heaven.  Why?  Who else can count on getting run-over by thousands trying to thank them?”

Pat Mahoney said that of EMC Founder, Chris Slattery.  But I think it’s an understatement. Slattery will be mobbed - and I can picture the crowd.

Countless men and women whose preborn lives he saved here on Earth.  Countless moms who were spared the horror of abortion by his endless advocacy on the streets of NYC, his outreach with EMC (Expectant Mother Care), and his frontline training of thousands of young people from across the world with ProLife Interns. Countless dads, thanking him that they got the chance to love and father their children.

Want to be Chris Slattery?  Actually, I want to be Slattery now, Pat.  I want to be that no-holds-barred, unvarnished warrior for the preborn, because heaven starts here, and heaven is seeing the smile on that teen mom’s face when she first sets eyes on her baby; heaven is speaking the truth, and defying the murder of a generation in the womb; heaven is treating the least of these the same way I would treat Christ.

Slattery, in the ad business for 13 years, threw himself full-throttle into the pro-life movement in 2000.  That’s 15 years now.  He pioneered the use of onsite ultrasound and prenatal care in a crisis center in the mid 80’s, and introduced 3D and 4D ultrasound in lifesaving work when the technology became available.  He also pioneered using mobile ultrasounds with sidewalk counseling teams in major cities, at abortion clinics.

EMC has  now offered over 145,000 pregnant women in crisis- free pregnancy testing, on-site ultrasounds, pro-life counseling, onsite subsidized prenatal care, and adoption arrangements, referrals for housing, jobs and legal aid, and material assistance. Over 43,000 girls and women counseled and served by EMC have chosen life, instead of abortion.

Chris is well-known in the prolife community for talking the talk like it’s a walk.  He says what he means, and he means what he says: No baby goes out undefended, no mom is deceived into aborting her child if he can get a word in edgewise.

Personally, I’m not waiting for heaven to be Chris Slattery.  I’m stealing every inspiration, trick, and action I can from Slattery here and now - and I hope you will, too.  After all, you’ll get a chance to hear him at the IPYC.  Slattery takes everything he has, including his experience in the ad business, to put it at the service of God, and human life.

Tell him I’m in.  And I’m not waiting for heaven to see those babies and moms smile.

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