The beauty of Christ in Christmas can shine through even the darkest place.

This past Saturday, the Survivors kicked off A ProLife Christmas Carol as they brought the joy and hope of Christ’s birth to abortion-minded men and women at the very doors of abortion clinics in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.  We gave gift baskets filled with baby clothes and toys to the young mothers entering the abortion clinic, sang Christmas carols, and encouraged them to embrace the greatest gift of all this Christmas, their child!  

I was able to speak to one mother and I told her that we wanted to give her the gift of hope this Christmas by supporting her and her baby in any way we could. When she saw the carolers and heard the word “hope”, she was very touched.  Her eyes began to well up with tears before she was ushered into the clinic by the pro-abortion escorts.

In the hall outside of Planned Parenthood, carols propelled through the walls and were loud enough that the couples present for their abortion appointments could hear. Everyone who went into  Planned Parenthood was given a gift and offered alternatives to abortion, such as counseling and free ultrasounds at a local pregnancy help center.  There was “no crib for a bed” when Mary was pregnant with Jesus, but Saturday we offered a place of shelter and love for any pregnant woman in need.

Take a look for yourself!

We made sure to also offer help to the Planned Parenthood staff, and even witnessed some of the pro-abortion escorts visibly fighting the urge to nod their heads along to the familiar songs! After the event we stopped by His Nesting Place, a home for unwed and homeless mothers, to visit with the women and children currently residing there. What a blessing to see how the Lord works in providing for those women in crisis pregnancy situations.

A ProLife Christmas Carol has truly been an amazing experience!  We know that abortion clinics are filled with death and deceit, but the beauty of Christ in Christmas can shine through even the darkest place.  We can help bring that light and hope to the abortion clinic -- a light similar to that which the wise men experienced.  As the First Noel puts it, “They looked up and saw a star , shining in the East, beyond them far;  to the earth it gave great light, and so it continued both day and night.”

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