Criminal Charges Filed Against UC Santa Barbara Professor!

Santa Barbara, CA, Saturday, March 22 - The Santa Barbara District Attorney filed charges of grand theft, battery, and vandalism yesterday against Professor Mireille Miller-Young for violence she committed against young pro-life activists who held a peaceful outreach on the UC Santa Barbara campus on March 4th.

The radical pro-abortion professor claimed that she set a good example when she attempted to incite students to violence and initiated the theft of a pro-life activist’s sign.  We hope that the only example set by her actions is that crime will not be tolerated by the DA, nor the University of California.  The prosecution should reach a resolution that deters anyone from committing these crimes again.

We hope the DA will also file charges against the students who received the stolen property, and aided and abetted Miller-Young’s crimes.  The students’ crimes were caught on video.  Will they be held accountable for any of it?  Do they just walk? Not charging them sends the message that students they will not be held accountable for their actions.  

We also urge UC Santa Barbara to take disciplinary action against Miller-Young and her students.  Instructing students to commit a crime is conduct unbecoming of an educator.  Action must be taken to remove Miller-Young from a position of authority immediately.

Contact: Kristina Garza,, 951-750-1114