"Out here a man settles his own problems."

Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands. - Clint Eastwood

When abortion mills close, babies are saved. - Troy Newman


Troy Newman is the cowboy of the pro-life movement. The entire pro-life movement was made of cowboys at first. Rough and tumble activists shut down abortion centers for days at a time and saved thousands of babies because they had strategy, guts, and grit.

With the passage of the FACE Act in 1994, Operation Rescue had to take a different turn. Instead of shutting down abortion centers by blocking entrances, which is now a felony, Operation Rescue exposes the abortion industry's offenses against the safety of women and the common standards of medical care. Troy and his partner, Cheryl Sullenger, find ways to hold abortion workers accountable, and instead of shutting abortion centers down for days, Operation Rescue helps shut abortion centers down... for good.

How do they do it? Well, as Salon magazine points out, they sometimes use property regulations. What if it all it took to shut an abortion clinic down was enforcing the zoning code? Or the building code? Or the health code?

Abortion businesses kill babies for profit and often they aren’t very careful about following the law. Sometimes they will voluntarily close their doors rather than spend the money it would take to bring their facility up to code. If all it takes to close a particular killing center is to enforce the building code, why wouldn’t we use “obscure property regulations” to do it? As Troy says, “We can close every abortion mill - now - with the laws currently on the books. The only thing we lack is prosecution.”

Salon magazine describes Troy Newman and Operation Rescue’s pro-life mission this way: “The right’s sneaky antiabortion plot: Using obscure property regulations to close providers”. Hey, if Salon is complaining about it, it must be working.

Read the original Salon article here.

Meet Troy and hear more about his “sneaky antiabortion plot” at the International ProLife Youth Conference. After learning from him, you could be the next cowboy to shut down your local abortion center.

Out here a man settles his own problems. - John Wayne